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I have an antique guardene fire extinguisher that has been sitting in my living room for 18 years. I think it's from the late 1800s or early 1900s. Can anyone tell me it's value?
More likely than not, if your vehicle were to catch on fire, there is no time to look for the extinguisher; only time to exit the vehicle. If you are determined, then the ABC is what you want - it's for wood, paper, and oil idea where you would attach it though. If an under hood fire DO NOT open the hood - this will cause the fire to expand due to the extra oxygen that will feed the fire
Should IA. wet my stamps with his spitB. soap up under the shower of salivaC. wear a face shield????
How to Test Psychic Ability Test anybody that claims to be a psychic. Start with an easy psychic ability test, get three plastic cups and a small rubber ball. One that doesn't move the cups when you're done shifting them. Place a divider between both of you, then rapidly shift the cups around. Remove the divider and ask the psychic to spot the ball's location. Repeat this several times, they should guess most the time. Use cards for the next psychic ability test. Let the person know that you're pulling four cards out, make sure that the divider is still between you. Also make sure that there's no reflective material behind you. Quietly pull five cards out, then ask the psychic to identify these cards. A real psychic should say that you pulled five cards out, and name these cards. Gauge their ability for their specialty. Find out what the psychic's specialties are. Some can track missing persons; others can communicate with dead people and so on. Do extra research. Talk to someone that suffered a loss if your psychic claims to be able to communicate with the dead. Put your poker face on and think obscure thoughts if your psychic claims mind reading ability. Evaluate their ability to communicate with your loved ones if they claim such specialty. Put your poker face on and listen. A real psychic communicates things to you that only you and the other person would know about. A phony tries to get you to provide facial feedback so that they can play the guessing game. Tips WarningsMany psychics claim that they can talk to loved one's spirits. Look and listen to what they do. They make statements out of the blue, and look at facial reactions. Then they give comforting words that anybody would give to someone that lost someone. Don't give them hints, verbal or otherwise. A real psychic doesn't need those hints.If you find a psychic with the ability to accurately project lottery ticket numbers, hold on tight.
tailstock, area around the lathe, swarfI Just need some health safety risks hazards PLEASE help even if you just contribute a little bit ! Thanks in advance, 10 Points!!
The possible actions you have are for defamation of character, specifically, libel and slander. The non-compete clause you mentioned would be in something you signed, and would not be legal in California and would be severely limited in several other states. If what she said about you is true, you would not be able to successfully pursue a libel or slander case, since these based on untrue statements that harm you, and made either in writing or verbally. If you feel you are seriously harmed, see a lawyer to discuss the case and find out if it is worthwhile for the lawyer to take on a contingency basis, where they receive a portion of the damages, but only if you win.
Pavement markings are reflective. What material should be added to the paint?
Coating requirements for highway marking:1, short drying time, simple operation, in order to reduce the traffic interference; secondly, retroreflective capability, bright color, reflecting the degree is high, so that day and night have good visibility; third, has good anti skid resistance and wear resistance, to ensure traffic safety and service life of the marking.
state the disadvantages of using a semi enclosed rewirable fuse
i don't be conscious of approximately going to penal complex, yet they could desire to be investigated by utilising an outdoors enterprise without political ties, if it extremely is achievable. Then, if and whilst stumbled on responsible, in line with threat pass to penal complex, if the punishment could greater healthful the crime. for my area, I do believe that Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and in all probability others have committed some criminal acts concerning to the topics of Fannie and Freddie. whether, whilst the Democrats will attempt to blame Republicans for the topics with Fannie and Freddie, theynwill in no way call for an study. Why? because of fact they be conscious of the place the guilt lies, and who the responsible events are. they additionally be conscious of what crimes have been committed, because of fact they are the responsible ones. think of approximately it, if Democrats theory the direction does no longer lead back to them, in accordance with previous demands investigations on Republicans (with much less info) why else have Democrats no longer called for and demanded investigations into this disaster?
In my house hold there are days when my alarm clock doesn't go off. (when all of the settings are where they're suppose to be)Recently I found out the same days when my alarm clock doesn't go off, my moms alarm clock doesn't go off either. (same deal)Just wondering what the heck is happening? They arent the same kind of clocks either. So maybe some kind of electromagnetic doo dad. xD Just want someone to find out what the heck is going on.
yes my husband and I had 2 do the same thing you just going 2 have 2 buy the fittings 2 go with it. But call the plumming place 1st and make sure.
When evangelical 'christians' show up on your doorstep, do you reach for a broom or a fire hose?
We travel around a lot because of hubby's job. We lost one or two keys and our landlord just gave us new ones. We even misplaced a set just before moving out. It must have got packed. [lol] Our landlord did not charge us. One other time when we were charged for a new lock which was about 2 years ago it cost like $15. The landlord changed the lock himself. They are real easy to change
Until today I thought that one major principle of conservativism was hiring and firing at will, i.e., that employers could fire employees, and that employees were free to leave a job, for any reason at all, or for no reason at all. Based on the conservative response to Juan Williams, I have to wonder whether conservatives believe the at-will hiring principle in every case. If they really did believe in it, they would say that NPR has an absolute right to fire Juan Williams at any time, and doesn't need a good reason to do it. But it seems like a lot of them are pretending that employers have to have a good reason to fire someone before they should be allowed to do it.Which is the correct conservative belief on this issue?Must employers have a good reason to fire an employee, or should they be free to do so for no reason at all?
Definitely something with your front suspension. May want to get it checked out as soon as possible so the noise can be diagnosed and repaired. Lisa Customer Care Chrysler Group LLC