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Product Description:

Product Description
Natural Stone Paint is a decorative wall paint with natural color, lifelike textures, and hard finish surface that look like granite and marble stone, which gives a grave, elegant, and luxurious visual enjoyment.

Where to Use
1.wall substrates of rendered mortars, concrete, gypsum plasters, wood, etc

2.external thermal insulation system
3.internal and external wall

4.old wall surface

1.Excellent uvioresistant
2.Superior weatherability
3.High dirt - pickup resistance
4.Corrosion resistant
5.Crack and scrub resistant

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Q:I hate having to pay 6% to real estate agents and on top of that the additional fees. So if I've found a buyer, what are the steps needed to sell a home in California without going through any real estate agent?
If you have found a buyer and are happy with the agreement and understand what you are agreeing to then find an escrow or title company and get them to draw up the agreement for you. A great agent can help you negotiate some of those fees but if you are happy then you don't need that help.
Q:Please explain in detail. What all ways are there to get loan for real estate ?What do we have to give ? and what is collateral ? Thank you for taking the time for explaining it all :)
You have a truly sticky wicket right here. I am no longer definite how well of a buddy you're to Bob or how so much he trusts you, however you need to persuade him NOT to place any of his cash into this deal. The possibilities that Bobs brother will lose his residence isn't Bobs predicament. Even if Bob places cash into the deal his brother will in most cases nonetheless lose the residence besides. If that's all the cash that Bob has on the planet, he MUST maintain onto it for himself. If Bob has no longer signed some thing, urge himi to not signal some thing with out the recommendation of an lawyer. What he could ought to do is inform the mortgage officer than any records could ought to be reviewed via my lawyer for approval earlier than signing. Best recommendation is inform Bobs brother that he CANNOT be a co signer Co signers have authorized tasks to pay if the borrower defaults. They might cross after the ten,000.00 if brother defaults. I desire your buddy listens to you. I am no longer definite wherein your buddy is within the system since you're a little uncertain approximately wether the mortgage is already in situation, or if the mortgage officer continues to be operating at the transaction.
Q:im thinking about trying to get involved in real estate and wanted some advice on the exams and how long it takes. thank you
I would recommend taking a college level class in California real estate. I took one many many years ago, and was told if I learned everything in the book, I'd be able to pass the test. A class will include things like contracts, liens, easements, and more. It's all stuff that's 'learnable' if you want to. I don't know about the exam for the license. Something to keep in mind is even if you get a real estate license, the housing market is in the dumper, and there are a lot of real estate agents doing other types of work. If I recall correctly, you are/were looking for a job in law enforcement? It might be easier to find work in that area, especially if it's a spin-off of it like correctional officer, FDIC bank examiner, even a PD dispatcher or code enforcemnt, zoning inspector, etc.? There will always be criminals and law enforcement will always be needed. City/county/state budget problems are the holdup. Hang in there and go for what you want, be persistent, and you'll likely reach your goal(s).
Q:How much on average does an established real estate development company in Los Angeles California make a year in profit?
It isn't obligatory to take support of a truly property agent to unload a estate. You will have to first get ready the estate on the market and make it seem pleasant. Then you prefer the rate of the estate without problems. Though you don’t take support of an agent, it'll be higher to take the support of a truly property lawyer. With the support of an lawyer, you will have to take steps to marketplace the dwelling as a way to promote it off quickly. Once you get a purchaser, you'll ought to begin negotiating for an present. You will ought to take side in dwelling inspections and purchaser value determinations. Once some of these steps are accomplished, the deal will opt for ultimate.
Q:Where can I found a good real estate attorney for buying and selling houses in New york long island area.
I would choose a real estate agent over a real estate attorney. An agent will know the market area better than an attorney. You can have the attorney close the transaction for you but I do not believe they can sell you real estate.
Q:Hi,I am currently taking a real estate agent course in NY. What should I specialize in as a new agent? Selling homes? Selling condos? or Rentals? I know that most real estate agents sell homes because of the amount of money that they will receive if they sell a home. However, wouldn't I be competing with a lot more experienced agents if I choose to sell homes?Thanks!!
I'd suggest specialzing with communities for folks over 55. Get your own web site...and get a link to all the MLSs. If you're interested in any of these ideas...please write to me again and I've got a few more thoughts. Good luck though!
Q:Is there a website caculator, that shows how to live off Real Estate Investments. By borrowing the equity that has bult up in the property's. Continuing to rent them out, then Borrowing the equity that has built up again?Thanks
You can do it but only if you know what you are doing. However do not believe the companies which tell you it's easy and will explain it all for a large fee - it ain't! In the current market in the UK (and I guess the USA is the same) funds are tight, margins are squeezed and you can't get 100% mortgages. My advice is don't start now unless you have lots of capital and are prepared to do a lot of leg work to find good deals in the right places. The companies that offer to do it for you are usually taking a profit themselves as they buy at a discount, sell to you at a profit having probably also taken procurement fees mortgage and insurance commissions as well. All their profit comes off your investment and reduces your equity. PS If you are in the USA you could get a Real Estate licence but every other person has one and you are unlikely, in the present market, to arrange many sales. In the UK you can be an estate agent without a licence but the rules governing property dealing ane tight - Google Estate Agents Act UK
Q:do u need to go to college, steps to be a real estate agenthow much money do you make
Real estate is property comprised of land and the buildings on it as well as the natural resources of the land including uncultivated flora and fauna, farmed crops and livestock, water and minerals.
Q:I'm 19, and I've been reading a lot about how investments in real estate make one rich. Is this true? I LOVE real estate and owning properties has always caught my attention and I now want to make it happen. How can I make it happen? Thanks!
Nope- investiing in real estate wont make you wealthy- Having great credit and access to large amounts of money, is what makes you wealthy. wealth is all about accumulation. the more stuff you have the wealthier you are. Credit enables you to buy- someone has to lend you money and they have to see a return on their investment thru lending you money- Now real estate can be lucrative, if you buy property cheap and sell it for a huge profit- that wont work if your only buying a few pieces land at a time. the only way to become donald trump, is you have to first gain the knowledge of real estate, and then next, you have to broker million dollar deals. if your small time, you will ean small wage- so in order to gain wealthy, you have to go where the money is- you wont make it in the country- you have to venture out and find a big city where real estate transaction occur on a regular basis...... and you have to be right there in the middle of those transactions- make good connections too- real estate agents that have access to big money, can accomplish a lot, they can buy a lot of property and sell a lot of property- so you have to learn a lot of basic skills- Negotiating- sales, contract- CONTRACTS AND LAW and the top subject you have to learn- to become wealthy- contract involves a set of promises to do something- you must learn contracts- if you dont know contracts, you wont be rich...... so my advice- Go to school- go to the best real estate program you can- learn everything there is to learn about the subject and then learn about business and credit and contracts and negotiating
Q:What do you think is the true future of real estate market in SE florida... i want to sell move closer to workplace in WPB???
Thanks Jill B, for this information.

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