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I am planning on getting a Carpet Python in a couple of months and wanted to know a few things about them as I am still learning about them and I like to really know about a snake before purchasing.1. Do Carpets like climbing when adults?2. Do carpets like to be held after their nippy stage?(After Maturing a bit)3. If I started him off in a big tank would it be ok? or would i have to use a smaller tank then progress?Any other cool things you guys know about Carpets I would love to hear about also!Thanks in advance! :)
Carpet Pythons are semi arboreal, so they will appreciate some things to climb on when they are young and old. But as they get older they will need some pretty sturdy branches. Depending on what locality you get, it may get anywhere from 6'-12'. Carpet Pythons actually mellow out a lot when they mature a bit. They are fine with being handled, and it'll make it easier on you. You could start off in a big tank, but you have to make sure that the snake feels secure. Lots of hides, branches, etc. Plus you need to make sure there's enough heat for the whole cage. I would start off in a smaller tank if you can, but you don't have to. And one other tip about Carpet Pythons, unlike most snakes, which are usually fed prey the size of the fattest part of the snakes body, they actually can eat prey that are bigger than that, and prefer it.
tablecloth: Blue, green, orange, pink
So I'm buying this caramel carpet python and it kinda looks like a jungle but the guy says it's just super young. It is just young?
That looks like a jungle morph to me. If your okay with a jungle morph than go ahead and get the BP, otherwise, I would just save my money because It doesn't look like a Caramel.
we are trying to shampoo our hall carpet, but someone had spilled quite a bit of laundry soap awhile ago and it doesn't seem to go away. Does anyone know a better way to get rid of this big blotch of soap on the carpet?
Try diluting some vinegar in water and shampooing with that. Vinegar is used to cut oven cleaner cleaning solution making clean up easier, maybe it will work on the soap. My concern is how much water are you putting on the carpet? Saturating it could be damaging the under layer, promoting mold. You might consider cutting out that section, taking it to the sink or tub and running water through it until completely soap free, plot as much as possible out, let air dry and then use double sided carpet tape to reinstall it in the hall. They use carpet tape when installing carpeting when it must be seamed, so it's not a freakish idea.
There are several chenille carpet material. Which is the best choice for the bedroom?
I have several chenille carpet, cotton, superfine fiber, light Weinasi, there is a recently developed light wire (this drawback is a hair, good decorative effect, looks bright feeling! I have been in touch with this industry for several years, and I think it's good to choose superfine soldering iron. It's very beautiful.
What is pearly carpet, what is pearly carpet?
The Pearl carpet is made of a new material, making the pearl powder covered in cloth, fabric is PPT, this product is flashed in the light of the sun shine, with white and red carpet broke the limitations of the past only in T, once launched, will be the wedding company and new people recognized.
It is strongly recommended to do a comprehensive inspection and cleaning in 4S shop, or if they rust or mildew, it would be bad.
My brother has an area rug that constantly bunches. It is on top of carpet and we put a pad with that gripping surface under it, but it still won't stay put. We need something that will keep it from wrinkling every time someone walks on it. Is there a product (besides duct tape) that will do this?
You mentioned you have a pad. Is it a pad specifically made for a rug going over a carpet. If not that might be the problem. Rug to Rug hold pad is best. It is a thin pad that has a tackiness on both sides. It will not hurt your exisiting carpet, and will hold your rugs in place. It take a few days to get the pad to settle into its memory to hold your rug. A rug to rug hold pad will sometimes lose it tackiness to hold a rug in place, however if you can wash it usually that tackiness comes back. Don't put it in the dryer. The rug to rug hold pad sort of feels like post-a-note tackiness. Usually this type of pad can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowe's and most rug stores will carry a variety of pads. If all else fails you can use double-sided tape, not duct tape.