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  • Offering DOLOMITE: Gr-I: Sio2:0.40% CaO:23.03%; Mgo:19.19%; Al2o3:0.43%;Gr-II: Sio2:0.5%; Cao:45.08%; Mgo:9.1%;Gr-III: Sio2:1.21%; Cao:44.35%; Mgo:9.09%; Al2o3:0.31%.We can supply all sizes required by the customer.At present we are supplying to various parts of world. We want prospective buyers.

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Q:Basic properties of dolomite
Micro - fine dolomite crystal size, crystal shape is quite good, looks rather like sugar, the field available saccharoidal dolostone known, often by other types of dolomite recrystallization and.
Q:Use of dolomite powder
The chemical composition is CaMg[CO3]2, the crystal belongs to three square system carbonate mineral. The crystal structure of dolomite is similar to that of calcite, the crystal shape is rhombohedral, and the crystal surface is often bent into saddle shape. White marble is white, because it contains other elements and impurities sometimes greyish green, gray yellow, pink color, luster glass. The three groups were full cleavage and brittle. Mohs hardness of 3.5-4, the proportion of 2.8-2.9. Mineral powders react slowly in cold, dilute hydrochloric acid.
Q:What are the structural principles of linear sieves for dolomite?
Synchronously, the rotation of the anti tank two vibrating motors linear vibrating screen, vibrating force of the eccentric block to produce offset in parallel to the motor axis direction in the direction perpendicular to the motor shaft for a stacked together, so the trajectory of the screening machine line.
Q:Are dolomite and feldspar a kind of ore?
Feldspar is a general term for feldspar minerals. They are divided into four groups: Feldspar, sub - group, plagioclase group and barium feldspar group, and dozens of minerals.
Q:Why is the coarse aggregate in lime stones mixed with dolomite or calcined
Dolomite, calcined on limestone, becomes either a surface or wholly lime, and becomes lime after water absorption. Damage in concrete is much greater than the earth.
Q:Dolomite and calcite are distinguished
The differential thermal curve of endothermic peak peak temperature of calcite is 842 to 907 DEG, and 960 DEG standard gap. A variety of dolomite and calcite chemical composition of trace elements in the total replacement of the higher, the thermal decomposition temperature decreased more; hydrothermal metasomatic metamorphism dolomite have become stronger, the thermal decomposition temperature decreased more; calcite thermal metamorphism is stronger, the thermal decomposition temperature decreased more.
Q:What's the difference between an ordinary stone and a marble?
Also called marble, marble is recrystallized limestone, as long as the component is CaCO3. Limestone softens at high temperatures and pressures and crystallizes to form marble when minerals change. The main component is calcium and dolomite, many colors, usually have a clear pattern, a lot of mineral particles. Mohs hardness between 2.5 to 5. Marble is a metamorphic rock formed in the crust by the action of high temperature and high pressure in the crust. The internal force of the crust changes the original rock mass, that is to say, the structure, structure and mineral composition of the rock have changed. New rocks formed by qualitative change are called metamorphic rocks.
Q:What's the effect of adding dolomite to the converter?
The lining of converter is magnesia, and the addition of mature dolomite increases the content of MgO in molten steel, thus inhibiting the diffusion of MgO in steel lining to steel water, so as to protect lining and increase slag splashing
Q:Can dolomite take quartz as a sheet?
The dolomite material is closer to the marble and has better weather resistance, and is useful for building decorative boards
Q:How to determine the amount of dolomite added in converter steelmaking?
The amount of dolomite is determined. The amount of dolomite added is determined according to the required MgO content in the slag. The MgO content in the slag is controlled at 6-8%. The content of MgO in the slag is brought into the MgO by the erosion of lime, dolomite and lining, so it is necessary to consider their mutual influence when determining the amount of dolomite addition.
We have mastered our profession and have deep understanding of the market as well as the various processes which are engaged in extraction of these minerals. All these minerals are extracted on the basis of geographical location, climatic conditions as well as soil. The vermiculite is mined and refined using a variety of techniques and supplied commercially in a range of particle size grades of vermiculite concentrate. We have a clear understanding of the industry and the market where our minerals find their usage.

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