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Q:What is the solid content in kaolin index?
Refers to the content of kaolin will not be issued, the method of detection is not very clear.
Q:Barium calcium carbonate kaolin which zhegaili better
Talc powder, English name PULVISTALCI, white or white like, fine, sand free powder, hand touch greasy. Odorless, tasteless. This product is insoluble in water, dilute ore, acid or dilute hydrogen alkali solution.
Q:Process characteristics of kaolin
The brightness and whiteness similar process properties, equivalent to 4570 a; (a) white light irradiation wavelength.The color of kaolin is mainly related to its metal oxides or organic matter. Containing Fe2O3 was rose red, brown and yellow; containing Fe2+ was pale blue, pale green with pale brown; MnO2; organic matter tends to yellow, gray, green, black and other colors. The presence of these impurities, reduced the natural whiteness of kaolin, in which iron and titanium minerals will also affect the whiteness of the calcined, porcelain stains or scars appear. Kaolin formed by the combination of mud with water, under the action of external force deformation, external force is removed, the nature can still maintain this deformation is plasticity. Plasticity is the basis of the forming process of kaolin in the ceramic body, and also the main technical index. Plasticity index and plasticity index are usually used to indicate the plasticity. Plasticity index refers to the moisture content minus plastic limit water content of kaolin clay material liquid limit, expressed as a percentage of the plastic index W =100 (W -W liquid limit and plastic limit). The forming performance of the plasticity index representative of kaolin clay material, direct determination of available mud ball compression breakage when the load and deformation with plastic instrument, kg cm said, often plasticity index is high, the better the performance of its forming. The plasticity of kaolin can be divided into four grades.
Q:What are the requirements for the whiteness of calcined kaolin in the coating formula?
The finer the fineness of kaolin, the smaller the particle size, the greater the oil absorption, the more likely to lose the brightness of the coating.
Q:What kind of soil can be used as a ceramic?
As long as the soil can be made into pottery, the key is the temperature of the clay burning is appropriate, this is the art of ceramics need to master the most critical concept. What is mud? Can pinch, plastic, Potter, kiln porcelain. Which contains the earth's common minerals, said aluminum, called silicon, called lime, that is, potassium, sodium, and then mix a small amount of substances, such as magnesium, such as barium, its composition varies from region to region. So to the north or south and mud is different, can be called porcelain clay, and clay.
Q:Kaolin, calcination and washing what is the difference between the best, you can talk about it in detail,
Calcination is through high temperature burning, the role is to kaolin crystal water and organic compounds burned, and improve whiteness and purification
Q:Heroes, help me see if this is quartz sand or kaolin? Is it valuable?
It's quartz sand. The aluminum content of kaolin is very high, at least above forty percent
Q:What are the surface modification technologies of calcined kaolin and the matters needing attention?
At present, the modified calcined kaolin is mainly applied to the organic products industry, with the industry of organic raw material, processing technology and technical performance requirements are different, so the surface modification of calcined kaolin to put forward an important problem that how to adapt and meet the requirements, and can display the function of modified kaolin.The modified kaolin can play a functional role, first of all technical aspects should pay attention to all kinds of organic polymer products raw materials and production process, is not able to complement each other, in the process of phase cancellation, careful analysis of raw material quality, specifications and design of process parameters and process conditions, these factors can affect the application effect of modified kaolin.In order to improve the surface modification of kaolin, it is necessary to understand the main technical requirements, main raw materials and processing technology of organic polymer products. Should be based on this, targeted to select good modifier, adjust the formula of modified agents, determine the reasonable processing technology.
Q:How are laterite and kaolin weathering crusts formed respectively?
This soil layer contains very little nutrients, mainly the B layer. (soil profiles can be found)The reason for red clay is that it is red when it is trivalentHow is kaolin formed?Kaolin is a mainly composed of kaolin clay. After fully weathered feldspar, kaolin, quartz and generate soluble salts; then with the rain, the river rafting on it and then re deposition, quartz and soluble salts have been separated, can be accounted for in kaolin kaolin. The largest porcelain is. Good raw material for the production of porcelain.
Q:How can we tell if there's kaolin in that hill?
It can be distinguished by its physical and chemical properties:Its characteristics: more non gloss, pure color, white and delicate, such as containing impurities can be gray, yellow, brown and other colors. According to the different causes of appearance is clod shape and dense state of loose rock block.

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