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Q:Can the water containing kaolin be drinkable?
As for the production of kaolin, not as long as the use of chemical production, the water will not have changed much, can drink, as long as the water filtering bleaching can
Q:Describe the formation of kaolin on kaolin Hill
Kaolin is a kind of clay mineral is very important in nature, and is in the acidic medium lack of alkali metal and alkaline earth metal, formed by igneous and metamorphic rocks in the feldspar or other silicate minerals by weathering.Soil classificationThe minerals contained in kaolin in nature are mainly divided into clay minerals and non clay minerals. The clay mineral mainly contains kaolinite group minerals and a small amount of montmorillonite, mica and chlorite; non clay minerals include feldspar, quartz and the hydrate, and some iron minerals such as hematite, siderite, limonite, titanium minerals such as Jin Hongshi and organic matter such as plant fiber etc.. Clay minerals are the main minerals that determine the properties of kaolin.
Q:The difference between kaolin and calcium carbonate
Then the carbonation of lime milk to produce calcium carbonate carbon dioxide precipitation, finally by dehydration, drying and crushing the system, or first with sodium carbonate and calcium chloride to precipitate calcium carbonate metathesis reaction, followed by dehydration, drying and crushing the system.
Q:Can calcined kaolin be used in PVC tubing?
With the development of the national economy, people pay more and more attention to the deep processing of kaolin, because it can not only obtain new materials with special properties, but also increase the economic benefits. After deep processing of kaolin, it can be used as filler of rubber and plastic and insulating filler of cable.
Q:Are kaolin and bentonite mineral materials?
Mineral material, if it's kaolin ore, it's mineral resources.
Q:What is the difference between diatomite and kaolin? Thank you
The special porous structure of natural diatomite can be observed under microscope, and the microstructure of diatomite is the characteristic of physical and chemical properties of diatomite.
Q:How to remove the kaolin from the stone?
Of course, remove the time must pay attention to safety, if accidentally touched the skin, it is recommended to rinse with plenty of water, and if the skin redness, you can use the enemy rotten spirit wipe, remember, safety first.
Q:How can clay sculptures not be cracked and preserved for a long time?
Unless you do otherwise could not crack with sludge, we do things often water and with a damp cloth and plastic cloth, or not how long will crack, another way is to turn out. China ancient sculptures are not easy to crack because it has very strong technology, the mud and gum. What are mixed together, do not remember the specific, there is no such process.
Q:The big ball of mud and kaolin porcelain which is good
Big balls are much better than kaolin. A big ball of mud is very rare only two places in the world, one is in Britain during the second world war has been mined over, one is in Chinese Hongjiang, the big ball of mud in the last century at the end of 70s has exhausted its scarce precious mining, known as the "gold mud".
Q:How can we tell if there's kaolin in that hill?
It can be distinguished by its physical and chemical properties:Its characteristics: more non gloss, pure color, white and delicate, such as containing impurities can be gray, yellow, brown and other colors. According to the different causes of appearance is clod shape and dense state of loose rock block.

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