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Q:What's the use of kaolin mask powder? How about hot water or cold water?
Powder dissolution method1. Apply proper amount of powder to the container;2 add cold water or warm water equal to 2 times the powder weight, stir until the paste (cream);3, if the time is enough, you can not stir, put it for 3 minutes, you can get a more slippery feel
Q:Who knows the value of the raw ore of this kind of kaolin? How much is it?
For example, plasticity; in addition, whiteness has a difference between natural whiteness and burnt whiteness...... So there are more indicators to be provided, so few indicators are estimated that no one can answer.
Q:What are the requirements for kaolin as refractory material, such as how much aluminum is needed?
Kaolin as refractory material actually plays two roles, one is to improve refractoriness, and two is to improve the body plasticity of refractory material
Q:Are kaolin and bentonite mineral materials?
Mineral material, if it's kaolin ore, it's mineral resources.
Q:Process characteristics of kaolin
Non plasticity <1 viscosity is a characteristic of a fluid that hinders its relative flow due to internal friction. Its viscosity is used to indicate its size (the internal friction force applied to 1 units per unit area). The unit is Pa. S. Viscosity measurements are generally made using rotational viscometer to measure the rotational speed in kaolin slurries containing 70% solids. Viscosity is very important in the process of production. It is not only an important parameter of ceramic industry, but also a great influence on the paper industry. According to data, foreign kaolin as paint, coating at low speed requires viscosity of about 0.5Pa - s, high-speed coating requirements of less than 1.5Pa - S.Thixotropy refers to the characteristics of a fluid that has become gelatinous and no longer flowing. It becomes fluid after stress and gradually becomes intact after being stationary. The size is expressed by a thickening factor and measured by an outflow viscometer and a capillary viscometer.Viscosity and thixotropy are related to the mineral composition, particle size and cation type in the mud. In general, the content of montmorillonite is fine, the particles are fine, and the exchangeable cations are mainly sodium, with high viscosity and high coefficient of change. Therefore, it is often used to increase the viscosity and thixotropy of plastic clay, improve the fineness and so on, and reduce it by increasing dilution, electrolyte and water content. The drying performance of kaolin clay material in the drying process. Including drying shrinkage, drying intensity and drying sensitivity.
Q:Is it near the clay ore
Magnetite and hematite deposit in native rock, mica, feldspar is there very little, it is difficult to become China clay resourcesOnly the limonite is weathering secondary ore, mica, feldspar will resident may be near, the clay;
Q:Which mixer can be more evenly dispersed kaolin slurry?
If you love to drink fruit juice drinks of all kinds, so it is recommended to select with mixer speed regulation, so that you can freely adjust the stirring speed, some fruit juice does not need to stir too broken to drink. Therefore, you can choose a mixer with speed control function.
Q:Is kaolin a soil or a rock?
Kaolin is a kind of clay formed by weathering, leaching, residual and exogenic deposition of aluminosilicate rocks. It is also the product of the alteration of hydrothermal fluid to the surrounding rock.
Q:Kaolin 200 mesh powder what does that mean? Is the eye powder the higher the better?
The higher the number of the finer particles. Fineness theory should be the finer the better, but the more fine processing costs, so we should consider procurement costs, enough on the line.
Q:What is the significance of the target in kaolin?
The granularity is particles can be obtained by screen mesh size, with 1 inches (25.4mm) the number of mesh width of the screen mesh representation, so called "mesh". At present, there is no uniform powder particle size standard at home and abroad, and each enterprise has its own definition and representation of particle size index. In different countries and different industries, the screen specifications have different standards, so the meaning of "target" is difficult to unify.

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