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Q:How to improve the viscosity of kaolin
Medium stone Hengda teaches you how to improve the viscosity of the product: adding plastic clay to improve fineness, so as to improve the viscosity and thixotropy of the product.
Q:Is activated clay kaolin?
Usually activated clay refers to the use of bentonite as raw material. But kaolin can also be used as the raw material of activated clay.
Q:What are the colors of kaolin ore?
Contains the quality is pale yellow, gray, green, black and other colors. The presence of these impurities, reduced the natural whiteness of kaolin, in which iron and titanium minerals will also affect the whiteness of the calcined, porcelain stains or scars appear.
Q:The cosmetic effect of kaolin?
Kaolin is a nonmetal mineral, good quality products for whiteness high component, high temperature resistant, soft texture, good acid and alkali resistance, no stimulation to the skin, and has certain adsorption ability, remove skin dirt, grease on the skin absorption and waste etc..
Q:What's the use of kaolin mask powder? How about hot water or cold water?
Kaolin, oil absorption, oil control effect is strong. Can deep cleanse the skin, and suck out the accumulated oil and dirt in the pores. Sensitive skin is best not to use or less, exfoliating too much, easy to molt.
Q:Hard kaolin in the ceramic piece, which is used in which? What's the difference between washed kaolin and washed kaolin?
Whiteness difference is big, generally after light burning, kaolin whiteness will increase, and wash water will not significantly increase whiteness.
Q:Chin and forehead long piece of pox, in the use of kaolin cleansing mask after a lot less, continuous use for two days, the results are good, but this mask can be used every day?
But don't be afraid of preservatives. It's a very important ingredient. If you don't have it, microbes can do more damage. Consumption of nutrients in skin care products, small, painted on the face, causing great harm.
Q:Steam is used to open the pores, open the state, with kaolin mask will not plug the pores?
No, kaolin is clean. When you wash your face, use a sponge. Oh, it's best to use a sponge with a bumpy hole, so it's clean
Q:Kaolin crusher refers to which crusher?
The application of kaolin in other industries must be processed and made into fine powder to be used in other materials.
Q:The difference between bauxite, kaolin and clay
The quality standard of kaolin is mainly composed of small, flaky, tubular and laminated kaolinite minerals less than 2 microns. Kaolinite minerals: cluster by kaolinite, dickite, nacrite, halloysite etc., chemical formula and ideal for AL2O3-2SiO2-2H2O, the main mineral is kaolinite kaolinite and kaolinite mineral water, in addition to the cluster, and montmorillonite, illite, quartz and feldspar, Ye Lashi and other associated minerals. Kaolin plasticity, adhesion, certain drying strength, sintering and sintering whiteness and other special properties, make it become the main raw materials Kaolin ceramic ceramic production, is a mainly composed of kaolin clay. The name was first found in kaolin village, northeast of Jiangxi, Jingdezhen province.

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