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Q:Who knows kaolin? Please, great God!
Kaolinite is a product of natural alteration of feldspar and other silicate minerals and is an hydrous aluminosilicate. It also includes dickite, nacrite and halloysite and similar components but amorphous allophane, so they belong to a called clay mineral.
Q:Describe the formation of kaolin on kaolin Hill
Kaolin is a nonmetallic mineral, a kind of clay and clay rock mainly composed of kaolinite group clay minerals. Because of the white and delicate, also known as "white cloud soil.". [name] because of kaolin village, Jiangxi, Jingdezhen province.
Q:The difference between kaolin and calcium carbonate
Because the precipitated volume (2.4-2.8mL/g) of light calcium carbonate is larger than the settling volume (1.1-1.4mL/g) of heavy calcium carbonate, it is called light calcium carbonate.The main components of talc are as follows: SiO2, MgO, Fe2O3, CaO. In case of water, there should be Ca (OH) 2 production, there is no impact on calcium carbonate. So I think the precipitation is light calcium carbonate
Q:What are the differences between kaolin and kaolin? What are the chemical constituents?
Refers to the clay containing iron and gray white, red brown, purple and other colors, with good plasticity of the clay mineral composition of montmorillonite, kaolin.. clay is mainly used as exterior wall tiles, pottery, burning out.
Q:Kaolin with magnetic separator, how about iron?
This is a permanent magnet product, characterized by low energy consumption and stable performance. It has certain advantages in the production of ceramic raw materials for iron removal. This equipment used in our side a lot of good results, with electromagnetic products, the use of better results.
Q:What is the role of kaolin in plastics? What's the role of kaolin in plastic formulations?
Paint calcined kaolin, whiteness is higher, at least greater than 90%, and some manufacturers will require more than 93%.
Q:What's the difference between nano kaolin, washed kaolin and calcined kaolin? Where is the difference?
Nano kaolin means that the granularity of kaolin is reduced to nanometer scale, a nanometer equal to 1/1000 microns.
Q:How to distinguish bone porcelain and kaolin porcelain?
(Bone China): also known as referred to as bone china, Bone China, production began in England, the basic process is based on animal bone char, clay, feldspar and quartz as raw materials, a kind of porcelain biscuiting after high temperature and low temperature glaze firing two times. The two basic features of Bone China are the essential basis for the distinction between Bone China and other porcelains. Feature: char content above 36% (national standard); two characteristics: after two firing into (biscuiting, glaze). According to the British standard set by China, with thirty percent from animal bones of calcium phosphate, and the finished product has light transmittance, have called china. Bone porcelain because of its unique shape, simple and neat, white and delicate texture, has long been the countries aristocracy with porcelain, is recognized as the world's only high-grade porcelain.
Q:What are the requirements for the whiteness of calcined kaolin in the coating formula?
The role of calcined kaolin is filler, not the color of paint, hiding force plays an obvious role, but only increase the solid componentIncrease weight.
Q:What are the characteristics of kaolin in ceramic materials?
The main characteristics of kaolin in chemical composition are high aluminium content and low flux content. Its producing area spreads all over the place, the south is much native kaolin, the north is much more sticky kaolin. Tyre material is porcelain clay (kaolin). Porcelain needs about 1200 degrees to burn.

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