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Q:The difference in structure between graphite, talc and kaolin
Kaolin is a nonmetallic mineral, a kind of clay and clay rock mainly composed of kaolinite group clay minerals. Because of the white and delicate, also known as "white cloud soil.".
Q:What is the difference between diatom mud and kaolin?
Diatom mud is the diatom after the death of the diatom plants in the sea. The diatom formed by the precipitation of the corpse for thousands of years. It forms diatomite after the diatom ore is purified, and the diatom mud can be formed on the upper wall after processing according to the formula proportion.
Q:Hard kaolin in the ceramic piece, which is used in which? What's the difference between washed kaolin and washed kaolin?
First of all, calcined kaolin is calcined, crystalline and raw soil has changed; and washed kaolin is only physical treatment, will not change the properties of raw soil.
Q:Are there any differences between bentonite and kaolin?
Bentonite (Bentonite) predominantly montmorillonite aqueous clay minerals. The chemical composition of montmorillonite: (Al2, Mg3) Si4O10 OH2 nH2O, because it has special properties such as swelling, adhesion, adsorption, catalysis, thixotropy, suspension and cation exchange. So widely used in various industrial fields.
Q:Is kaolin soluble in water?The dispersion of kaolin in water is very unstable,At least stable 5-6 hours
Kaolin is widely used in the paper making industry. There are two main areas. One is used in papermaking (or paper making), and the other is the pigment used in the surface coating process. For general cultural paper, the amount of filling accounts for 10-20% of the weight of the paper. For coated paper and paperboard (mainly light weight coated paper, coated paper and coated paperboard), in addition to filling, pigments are required, and the proportion of kaolin used to fill the pigment is 20-35% of the weight of the paper. Kaolin used in paper making, the paper can give good coverage performance and good gloss coating performance, but also increase the paper whiteness, opacity, smoothness and printability, greatly improve the quality of the paper.
Q:How to remove the kaolin from the stone?
Of course, remove the time must pay attention to safety, if accidentally touched the skin, it is recommended to rinse with plenty of water, and if the skin redness, you can use the enemy rotten spirit wipe, remember, safety first.
Q:What kind of soil can be used as a ceramic?
Clay - clay, refers to contain iron with brown, gray, red purple color, with good plasticity of clay. The mineral composition in the clay, montmorillonite, kaolin.
Q:Know the proportion of kaolin slurry, how to calculate the content of pure kaolin?
Kaolin does not have a fixed specific gravity value, depending on the number of elements contained. The general proportion of kaolinite is 2.6 - 2.8, while kaolin is formed by the weathering of kaolinite. Specific contain three oxidation two aluminium how many, should send laboratory to undertake analysis.
Q:Application of kaolin
Kaolin has become the mineral material necessary for papermaking, ceramics, rubber, chemicals, coatings, pharmaceuticals and national defense.Ceramic industry is the earliest and larger amount of kaolin. The general dosage is 20% to 30% of the formula. The role of kaolin in the ceramic is conducive to the introduction of Al2O3, mullite, the chemical stability and sintering strength during sintering kaolin decomposition of mullite, the main frame form body strength, can prevent the deformation of the product, the firing temperature becomes wide, can make the body with whiteness some. At the same time, kaolin has a certain degree of plasticity, adhesion, suspension and binding capacity, given the enamel porcelain clay, good formability, the ceramic clay for car billet and grouting, easy forming. If used in an electric wire, insulation can be increased and dielectric loss is reduced.
Q:What is the significance of the target in kaolin?
At present, it is more popular to calculate the diameter of equivalent volume particles by particle size, in units of M or mm.

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