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Q:Chin and forehead long piece of pox, in the use of kaolin cleansing mask after a lot less, continuous use for two days, the results are good, but this mask can be used every day?
But don't be afraid of preservatives. It's a very important ingredient. If you don't have it, microbes can do more damage. Consumption of nutrients in skin care products, small, painted on the face, causing great harm.
Q:How do porcelain mud distinguish good or bad?
The difference between the mines leads to uneven composition and leads to inconsistent quality. The loss of many mud and glazes in China is very important for this reason.
Q:What are the requirements for kaolin as refractory material, such as how much aluminum is needed?
Kaolin as refractory material actually plays two roles, one is to improve refractoriness, and two is to improve the body plasticity of refractory material
Q:The difference between kaolin and high white mud
It has good acid resistance, solubility, low cation exchange capacity, good fire resistance and other physical and chemical properties. Therefore, kaolin has become the necessary mineral material for dozens of industries, such as paper making, ceramics, rubber, chemicals, coatings, pharmaceuticals and national defense.
Q:Method for separating kaolin
In order to prepare coating grade kaolin products, stripping of thicker layered kaolin must be made into thin sheets. Stripping methods include wet grinding, extrusion and chemical soaking. The wet grinding method will be made about 40% gas solid kaolin slurry, adding dispersant, adding grinding medium (such as quartz sand, porcelain beads, glass beads, nylon polyethylene beads) grinding machine, grinding and sieving after a certain period of time, the precipitation is. Extrusion method will be kaolin pulp sent to the high-pressure pulp mixer, the high-pressure paste pressure to 20 ~ 35Mpa, and then sprayed by the nozzle, due to sudden pressure drop, so that kaolin crystal laminated loose". High speed slurry ejected into the impeller, suddenly change the direction of movement, so that loose crystal lamination peeling. The chemical immersion method using urea solution soaked kaolin powder, and heated to 30 to 80 DEG C, adding a small amount of dispersant, the kaolin fully dispersed, high-speed stirring, so that the crystal layer peeling. Benzidine and acetamide can also be used instead of urea. The neutral water solution of AlCl3 is mixed with Na2SiO3 according to the ratio of 1 to 0.75 to 1 to 5 to produce precipitation.
Q:What are the surface modification technologies of calcined kaolin and the matters needing attention?
At present, the modified calcined kaolin is mainly applied to the organic products industry, with the industry of organic raw material, processing technology and technical performance requirements are different, so the surface modification of calcined kaolin to put forward an important problem that how to adapt and meet the requirements, and can display the function of modified kaolin.The modified kaolin can play a functional role, first of all technical aspects should pay attention to all kinds of organic polymer products raw materials and production process, is not able to complement each other, in the process of phase cancellation, careful analysis of raw material quality, specifications and design of process parameters and process conditions, these factors can affect the application effect of modified kaolin.In order to improve the surface modification of kaolin, it is necessary to understand the main technical requirements, main raw materials and processing technology of organic polymer products. Should be based on this, targeted to select good modifier, adjust the formula of modified agents, determine the reasonable processing technology.
Q:Can kaolin be used for cosmetics?
We usually use 325 eye kaolin + milk to wash your face. The whitening effect is very good, safe and inexpensive. It is much safer than the high-grade cosmetics called lead (heavy metal). Do not believe, you can try, and if there is a bad feeling after use, please stop immediately, indicating that your skin on three oxidation two aluminum allergic reaction.
Q:Application of kaolin
Ceramic not only on kaolin clay plasticity, combination, drying shrinkage, drying strength, sintering shrinkage, sintering properties, refractoriness and sintering whiteness has strict requirements, but also relates to the chemical properties, especially iron, titanium, copper, chromium, manganese and other coloring elements exist, so that after firing whiteness lower spots.The size requirements for kaolin is as small as possible to make porcelain clay plasticity and drying has good strength, but the requirement of rapid casting process, casting speed up the grouting speed and dewatering speed, to improve the granularity of ingredients. In addition, differences in the degree of crystallization of kaolinite in kaolin, will also significantly affect the process performance of ceramic, degree of crystallization is good, plasticity, binding ability is low, small drying shrinkage, high sintering temperature, the impurity content is reduced; on the contrary, the plasticity is high, dry shrinkage, sintering temperature is the corresponding low impurity content is high. In the old society and the difficult period of three years, the poor in lean or famine years, often eat guanyintu live; the soil can eat, but can not be digested, after eating to eat a small amount of stool, abdominal distension, not fatal; although not hungry, but because there is no nutrition, people still die. The famine caused by eating guanyintu abdominal distention, not defecation, suffocated people too many to count.
Q:What kind of pottery does kaolin need?
General ceramics are made of kaolin, different ceramics are only prepared in different proportions of the ingredients page.
Q:What's the difference between kaolin and clay?
Clay:A hydrous aluminosilicate mineral that is a widely distributed colloidal, amorphous, cohesive soilIt is plastic when wet and hard when it is bakedIt is mainly composed of igneous and metamorphic rocks is decomposed, consisting essentially of kaolin and other minerals in bauxite.Clay has a unique plasticity and bonding properties, that is, molding properties and firing propertiesConclusion: clay ceramic material is a hydrous aluminum silicate minerals, from feldspar rock through long-term weathering and geological formation. It is a mixture of many fine minerals, the main chemical composition of two aluminum oxide and silicon dioxide, three crystal water, with a small amount of alkali metal, alkaline earth metal oxides and oxide coloring. Clay has a unique plasticity and binding, the water swelling can be kneaded into mud, shaping the required shape, after roasting becomes hard and compact. This performance, form the basis of the ceramic production process. Clay is the basic material of pottery and porcelain production, widely distributed in nature, large reserves. Variety, is a valuable natural resource.

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