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1. Benefits and Application

GB-CK88B is an anhydrous aluminum silicate produced by a controlled,high-temperature heating of a water-fractionated kaolin.GB-CK88B is specifically designed for use as a filler in automobile electrophoresis prime coat.As a calcined kaolin pigment,with the property of high brightness,excellent light scattering,fine particle,is an extender that can replace titanium dioxide partly to improve the efficiency and reduce production costs,and can help paint to form easily the close-grained and smooth paint film.

It is stable and hard to sedimentate in electrophoresis tank.With low impurity and good inertia, it can improve paint film's stability against corrosion and moisture-proof property. The particle has micro platy shape.The series has advantages of low oil absorbency and easy dispersion.

GB-CK88B, which is applied in automobile ecectrophoresis prime coat,supplies excellent deposition stability,paint film flattening,corrosion resistance,rim angle spreadability and uniformity. Calcined kaolin's excellent opacity and adhesion make paint film flatter and denser and get much better stone striking resistance property.

2. Typical Physical Properties

3. Typical Chemical Properties

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Q:Can the water containing kaolin be drinkable?
The general soil are kaolin containing ingredients, pure kaolin is acidic soil, pH value of about 4-6, the more pure kaolin more acid, general plants to grow, if plants can grow, the water can drink;
Q:Who knows the value of the raw ore of this kind of kaolin? How much is it?
Also, the crude ore is basically worthless, and the parameters after washing are not specific. About 300-500 yuan.
Q:What is kaolin?
Kaolin whiteness, soft, easy to disperse in water, suspension has good plasticity and high adhesion, excellent electrical insulation properties and good acid soluble cationic, low resistance and other physical quantity, exchange of good properties. The clay minerals and clay minerals, with many excellent technical characteristics. Such as: water absorption, plasticity, strong adhesion, high refractoriness, good insulation and chemical stability, but also has good sintering properties in 1365 DEG C to form white blank, no deformation.
Q:Can calcined kaolin be used in PVC tubing?
At present, calcined kaolin has been widely used in ceramics, rubber, plastics, artificial leather, cement, refractory materials, chemical industry and agriculture.
Q:How to remove iron impurities in kaolin and increase their whiteness
The types of pigment ions are different, and the reagents and methods used are different:1, the surface of the adsorbed kaolinite is Fe3+, that is, when iron exists in the form of Fe2O3, the reaction of Fe3+ with Na2S2O4 is reduced to two valent iron salt, which is removed by rinsing and filtering;2, when the adsorption ion is Fe2+, that is iron in the form of FeS2, the oxidant should be used and its reaction, the oxidation of soluble ferrous sulfate and ferric sulfate, so that it can be washed away colorless oxides;3, the majority of samples containing both Fe3+ and Fe2+, the oxidation reduction combined bleaching method, first with the oxidant and reducing agent will become Fe2+ Fe3+ its reduction to Fe2+. Removed by rinsing, filtering, etc.
Q:Kaolin, calcium carbonate, talc, which does not affect the ink gloss?
Calcium carbonate is a kind of inorganic compounds, commonly known as CaCO: limestone, limestone, limestone, marble etc.. Main ingredients: calcite, is a kind of compound, chemical formula is CaCO, neutral, basically insoluble in water, soluble in hydrochloric acid. It is common on the earth substances exist in aragonite, calcite, chalk, limestone, marble, Shi Huihua rock, also is the main component of animal bones or shell. Calcium carbonate is an important building material and is widely used in industry. Calcium carbonate is composed of calcium and carbonate ions combine to form, so it is also calcium carbonate.
Q:I only know that is a kind of raw material, and sell them where to sell, and I can have to contact the white mud!
Also known as white kaolin clay, kaolin is pure with high whiteness, soft, easy to disperse in water, suspended in plasticity and good adhesion, high excellent electrical insulation properties; has good acid soluble cationic, low resistance and other physical and chemical properties, better exchange. Therefore, kaolin has become the necessary mineral material for dozens of industries, such as paper making, ceramics, rubber, chemicals, coatings, pharmaceuticals and national defense.
Q:Heroes, help me see if this is quartz sand or kaolin? Is it valuable?
The iron content is a little high, but everything else is good. Besides the iron, the glass material can be made, and the man-made stone can be made
Q:Is kaolin a soil or a rock?
The main chemical constituents of alumina, silicon oxide, containing a small amount of iron oxide, calcium oxide, Magnesium Oxide, potassium oxide and sodium oxide and manganese oxide. Kaolin is white, impurity yellow, gray, gray and other colors, especially three containing two aluminum oxide is very high, the sintering temperature of porcelain stone and porcelain is much higher, up to 1400 degrees Celsius is still not sintering. The ancient burning temperature made it impossible to make porcelain and burned to white.
Q:How are laterite and kaolin weathering crusts formed respectively?
Humidity is relatively large, precipitation is relatively large environment, easy to do so, mainly in the equator and nearby areasThe area is high humidity, precipitation, and so the soil organic matter and +1, -1 ions, as well as easy to drain ingredients are leached by water, bring out the ecosystem, and the rest are mainly strong oxidation of iron, magnesium and other oxides

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