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I'm looking for a machinery for production of mini/small size plastic pots/jars for food (i.e. honey, butter, jam, melt cheese etc). To explain: You can remeber it from Your fligt-all this are provided in small plastic (sometimes glass) pots.
Theres okorder /
I have a go cart with a 6.5 horsepower general machinery small engine. The engine starts right up first pull but as soon as I press the throttle, the engine dies. The only way to use it is if you start the engine with the throttle being pushed, but if you let it idle for about 10 seconds after that it dies. Whats going on here??? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
clean carb...idles ok but given gas stalls....when u hit throttle u open letting in more air...not enough gas..
What is the best way to invent something? Like and industrial piece of machinery.?
Most inventions are done by someone familiar with the industrial process itself. So I'd say the first thing you have to do is to have access to the process you want to improve. I get to invent things all the time. I work for a company that builds equipment for industrial and food processing companies. When a plant has a problem or a new process they call us we look at the process and design the equipment they need. Most of the time they have an idea of what they want or at least what they want to accomplish. Its not as much fun as you might think. Its a job. There are time constraints, cost constraints, process constraints all of which when balance don't leave you a lot of room to be that creative. At that point it then becomes a bunch of detail work, sizing the various components, drives, shafting, bearings, seals, etc. and developing shop drawings so the machine can be built. Its a good job but its a job. I would look for a metal fabrication company or a machine shop and work for them. I'd get the experience by working for someone else. Let them pay for your mistakes. You can't afford it.
I am tired of politics and politicians and tired of liars with silky tongues merely seeking power and not in the best interests of the people.
Dude. Have you ever studied history and read what Washington, Adams, Hamilton and the majority of the founding fathers really thought of the average, common working man. It wasn't pleasant, and it hasn't changed.
What kind of materials can EDM machine
Such as: hard alloy, hardened steel, graphite, aluminum alloy, structural steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, diamond and other conductive body complex cavity and curved surface processing, all kinds of molds, electrodes, precision parts manufacturing,
I just wanna know how much sea duty will they get and how much shore duty will they get? Is there a possibilty that they can get more shore duty? And yes i know i know when you are in the navy you're going to be on the sea thank you i heard that so many times lol!!!! But any answers will be great!!Thank you all and god bless
You will get both, or with right rate you might not get any. My husband was in 20 years and did not go to sea once. He was an AW.
Why does the warning label on children's tylenol advise not to operate heavy machinery?
bc u gotta watch out for those under the influence 5 year olds whit all that dangerous machinery.
Shouldn't insurance companies start considering this when insuring businesses?
I know people at work you are just bad operating there machines very dangerous people w/o any imaginary friends to speak of /or to.