• Green Facilities---Desulfurization and dust removal equipment System 1
  • Green Facilities---Desulfurization and dust removal equipment System 2
  • Green Facilities---Desulfurization and dust removal equipment System 3
Green Facilities---Desulfurization and dust removal equipment

Green Facilities---Desulfurization and dust removal equipment

Xi'an Research and Design Institute of Wall & Roof Materials Co,.Ltd.
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The outlet dust concentration is less than 5mg/Nm³;

Module resistance is less than 10Ω. (lack of desulfurization effect)

Product Description:

These products include desulfurization and dust removal wet electric equipment, baghouse, high-efficiency desulfurization tower, etc. This type of equipment can effectively collect sulfuric acid mist aerosol and sub-micron particles in flue gas, solve problems such as gypsum rain, no secondary dust, automatic detection system, high safety performance. Simultaneous dust removal and desulfurization, no scaling and clogging problems, and recycling of washing water; It can realize online and offline ash cleaning, with advanced technology, reliable work, and thorough ash cleaning. Sintered brick factories, ceramic factories, power plants, heating companies and other enterprises can use this product. This product is suitable for exhaust gas treatment of tunnel kiln, rotary kiln, coal-fired boiler desulfurization and dust removal, coal, coke oven gas, blast furnace gas, and petroleum coke and other fuel boilers.

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