Lawn Mover grass cutter machine

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100 unit
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10000 unit/month

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Power Type:

Petrol / Gas


Professional Mowers


4-Stroke,Aluminum Chasis,Folding Handle,Forced Air Cooling,Grass Box,Mulch,Self Propelled,Single Cylinder



Cutting Width:


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:BROWN BOX
Delivery Detail:45~60 DAYS





Drive type: Self-propelled

Engine: Subaru EA190V, 4 stroke, OHC

Maximum power: 5.5hp/3600rpm

Cutting width: 19”/480mm

Cutting heights: 25-75mm

Cutting height adjustment: 7 positions

Handle folding: yes

Deck material: Aluminum

Blade type: straight blade

Wheel size: front 8”, rear 11” with ball bearing

Grass bag capacity: 70L

Net weight:TBA

Package: brown box

Container loading Qty: 300pcs/40’H

Lawn  Mover  grass cutter machine

Lawn  Mover  grass cutter machine

Lawn  Mover  grass cutter machine

Lawn  Mover  grass cutter machine

Lawn  Mover  grass cutter machine

Lawn  Mover  grass cutter machine


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Q:My lawn mower is a fire on how it is
Spark plug ignition is not normal. Replace the spark plug by the life of the gasoline engine in the compression close to the top dead center, the combustible mixture is ignited by the spark plug, so when the spark plug failure "strike", will naturally lead to vehicle flameout. Under normal circumstances, by replacing the spark plug to completely solve, when not easy to replace, but also by cleaning the electrode, adjust the central electrode length of the emergency measures to temporary solution. In addition, the battery voltage is not enough, leakage, ignition coil failure, line failure will lead to poor ignition or flameout.
Q:How to reduce the sound of the lawn mower
The recent district vigorously remediation of environmental sanitation, especially those who cut a long summer grass, rumbling mower to attract the attention of Yu, Yu seems to all of a sudden like this novelty stuff, a morning far With the mowing master behind how to see enough.
Q:What kind of oil is the KASEI Mower?
Oil tank plus four-stroke oil, gasoline tank plus pure gasoline.Lawn mower (Lawn mower), also known as weeding machine, lawn mower, lawn trimmer and so on
Q:The lawn mower takes white smoke
Cylinder pressure is too low. Part of the diesel oil into the oil without steam, so smoke from the exhaust pipe. Sure to burn the oil, and may be caused by crooked machine, it may pull the cylinder, and timely check the reasons for it, do not use the
Q:Introduction and development history of mower
Since 1805 there, when the lawn mower is human, no power to support. In 1805 the British Pramaknet invented the first harvest of grain and can cut the weeds of the machine, by the people to promote the machine, through the gear drive to spin knives, which is the prototype of the lawn mower
Q:How should the lawnmower be chosen when lawn conservation?
Hand roll knife lawn mower, for large machinery is not easy to enter the long grass area pruning, the accuracy is not high.
Q:How many ordinary mowers can an ordinary mower?
Use the blade after the package, so as not to accidentally hurt others or their own.
Q:Intelligent lawn mower CE certification standards
It is estimated that you will get different certification bodies to have different assessment results.
Q:Guangzhou Honda Gx35 mower brochure is English for Chinese
Start a quick and powerful pull start rope, usually 3 to 5 times to start a successful, and then open the choke. In addition, when pulling the starter, and did not start successfully, but there are more than 1s burning sound, this time, you need to open the choke, start.
Q:The lawn of the lawn is better
Each blade is summarized as follows: 1: rope - for the relatively good cut off the grass 2: square blade - mainly for relatively hard, brittle like reed like 3: diamond blade - for the vines, small Fine shrubs, more tough

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