Lawn Mover glass cutting

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50 unit
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10000 unit/month

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Product Description:

Power Type:

Petrol / Gas


Riding Mowers


4-Stroke,Aluminum Chasis,Cordless,Self Propelled



Forward Speed:

Front /rear track:470mm-500mm

Cutting Width:

Cutting width:530/21mm/inch


Dark grey

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:7-plys export brown carton box
Delivery Detail:30-35 days after received the advanced payment


Engine type: Honda engine 4strok,overhead valve,single cylinder. Displacement:163cc

Place of OriginZhejiang, China (Mainland)
Model NumberHHLM-001
Cultivator TypeLawn Edgers
Power TypePETROL

Lawn  Mover  glass cutting

Lawn  Mover  glass cutting


Lawn  Mover  glass cutting

Lawn  Mover  glass cutting

Lawn  Mover  glass cutting


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Q:Mower gasoline engine exhaust pipe smoke
Do not change the oil for a long time, black smoke is generally dirty carburetor or air filter is too dirty lead - Austin
Q:How to distinguish Thai origin of Honda lawn mower engine?
No manufacturer's address, no manufacturer contact, the quality is not guaranteed, such a cottage, or do not buy
Q:What is a lawn mower? What are the mower classification?
Lawn mower (Lawn mower), also known as weeding machine, lawn mower, lawn trimmer and so on. The lawnmower is a mechanical tool for pruning lawns, vegetation, etc. It consists of a cutterhead, an engine, a running wheel, a walking mechanism, a blade, a handrail, and a control part
Q:My lawn mower is a fire on how it is
Spark plug ignition is not normal. Replace the spark plug by the life of the gasoline engine in the compression close to the top dead center, the combustible mixture is ignited by the spark plug, so when the spark plug failure "strike", will naturally lead to vehicle flameout. Under normal circumstances, by replacing the spark plug to completely solve, when not easy to replace, but also by cleaning the electrode, adjust the central electrode length of the emergency measures to temporary solution. In addition, the battery voltage is not enough, leakage, ignition coil failure, line failure will lead to poor ignition or flameout.
Q:How long does the lawnmower warranty warrant for a long time?
But even if the machine has the quality of the problem business may also find a lot of excuses not to three bags, so or to keep the machine maintenance, 2T machine oil ratio must be in accordance with the requirements of the ratio is generally 20: 1 or 25: 1 and 2T oil must be bought can not be used cheap
Q:Mower with two-stroke gasoline engine carburetor how to clean
There is such a statement in the line, carburetor with less bad, more repair, often is not transferred, chaos chaos split and demolition of the broken.
Q:HONDA Mower engine does not ignite what is the reason
Whether the machine has inverted, or tilt angle is too large? If it is, that is the oil flow to the cylinder.
Q:What motor is the mower motor
First look at the traditional petrol and diesel power source power system, which can be used 5-7 horsepower diesel engine, or gasoline engine, the engine provides the machine running and mowing all the power, the engine with screws installed in the following engine bracket The The main components of the engine are: fuel tank, water tank, combustion tank, fuel tank above the fuel tank cover, open the fuel tank cover, there is a layer of filter, through the filter to the fuel tank, you can filter out the oil debris
Q:How to clean the lawnmower carburetor
The main cleaning parts: the main oil channel hole, oil room, oil control needle and so on. The complete removal of carburetor precipitation and accumulation of impurities,
Q:Two-stroke lawn mower can not hit the fire
Filter block blocking, carburetor, but the oil, how the cylinder, the exhaust pipe block blocked. This can solve the basic solution.

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