Smart Robot Lawn Mover

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Robot lawn wover :

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Robotic Mowers


Steel Chasis



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with shelter for charge,three blades to cut grass , and 24 Voltage Ni-Mh battery rechargeable .With CE and ROHS certification

we especially produce robot mower  located in Hangzhou ,Zhejiang Provic ,China .We cooperate with Zhejiang University that is the top 3 university in China  . The technology power is strong .We supply the high quality  product with lower price .wish sincerely cooperate with you . 

the character of the mower

1.  Intelligent Running

2.  Prevention of Collisions

3.  Blades  security contro

4.  Intelligent Test lawn

5.  Electronic fence(Setting up the work region)

6.  Intelligent Safety Testing

7.  Back charging automatically

8.  Taking rainshelter automatically

9.  Remote control function


 Mower Robot s Function parameters

   Cutting width              320mm

   Exterior Dimensions        590×580×230mm

   Cutting power             130W

   Host weight             10.6kg

   Charging time            4-8H

   Working voltage          24V

   Working hours(average)   2.5-3H

   Cutting scope            500-800m*m

   Noise                    69db   

   Rotate Speed             6000rpm


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Q:Mower gasoline engine exhaust pipe smoke
Burning for a while no, if you have been smoking, the first is more oil, and the second is the power of internal problems, pull the cylinder or oil ring locked
Q:Can the two-stroke lawn mower engine add oil to the crankcase?
Directly add oil is not desirable, should be the cylinder and crankcase Unicom, the intake air through the crankcase into the cylinder, then the volatile oil will remain on the crankshaft as lubrication
Q:Mitsubishi two-stroke lawn mower is too much fuel to solve it?
By the way remind the landlord, your machine may be imitation of the domestic, not imported. Imported machinery is still very fuel-efficient, no matter how used, one hour also can not use 1L oil.
Q:My lawn mower is a fire on how it is
Throttle is blocked. Throttle is undoubtedly the most important component, but also the most prone to problems in the parts. Under normal circumstances, maintenance personnel will consider cleaning the throttle. But if the frequent cleaning throttle still can not completely solve the flame problem, are generally faulty. Also check the vacuum pump to see if the air intake is normal
Q:How does the Honda Mower change the belt?
Finally, said the fourth: If you only change the timing belt and tighten the wheel, then the material fee is about 200 yuan when the belt is about, the tightening wheel is about 183 yuan, working hours is 850 yuan.
Q:The lawn mower started to open but one or two on the stop is how the matter
There are three possible reasons: 1, mower cut irrigation machine fuel system is not normal .2, lawn mower cutting machine ignition system is not normal .3, mower cutting machine cylinder compression is not normal.
Q:Electric lawn mower and which is better with petrol
The main drawback is the low power, continuous working time is short, need to always charge, not suitable for away from the charge, the battery is powered by the power of the electric lawn mower, characterized by: work noise is small, smooth operation, environmental protection and energy saving, cheap, Power of the place work, suitable for home garden use.
Q:HONDA Mower engine does not ignite what is the reason
The oil tank in the oil are poured out, the spark plug off, the machine upside down, the tank body of the oil to the drain. The problem is solved.
Q:Can the mower be replaced with a four-stroke machine? (Lawn mower)
In fact, two-stroke and four-stroke engine is only a power source of the problem, taking into account the small and lightweight mechanical use of the use of two-stroke engine
Q:Electric lawn mower which brand is good 48 V battery car charging
Use the battery car tester to test whether the motor lead voltage, can immediately determine the line and control circuit failure. If the voltage is measured, it is judged that the motor is broken or the fault of the controller to the motor is broken. If the measurement result is not voltage, it is judged that the control circuit is faulty and the next step should be checked.

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