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Home mower selection of hand-push good or hanging on the kind of good?
Advantages: 1, mowing clean, trimmed neatly, adjust the level, around, before and after no effort 2, in the lawn, orchard, manor, garden, mountain pruning (weeding).
honda gxv 160 mower manual
Jinan can be found in Jinan green city garden. This simple maintenance standard
Honda Mower Piston installation should be in that direction?
Must ensure that the piston is installed, in the process of back and forth movement, the piston ring can not open the front of the sweep, air intake, exhaust. In short, the piston ring in the course of movement, must always contact with the cylinder wall, can not encounter the gap.
What are the uses of lawn mowers?
Mower is mainly used in the garden decoration pruning, grass greening pruning, urban streets, greening spots, pastoral pruning, field weeding, especially the park's grassland and grassland, football field and other grassland, private villa garden, Site vegetation and other aspects of the dressing can also be used in the autumn harvest.
The working principle of the lawn mower
The blades used are light and notched. Generally use light blade moving blade. The knife drive is also similar to a grain harvester, using a biased crank link mechanism and a pendulum mechanism. Due to the high growth density of pasture, high water content, the average speed of the knife is higher than the grain harvester, usually 1.6 ~ 2.0 m / s.
What is the operation of the lawn mower?
Do not operate for long periods of time in hot or cold weather, with proper rest time. 3. Do not allow drunk, cold or sick people, children and people who are not familiar with the correct operation of the lawn mower to operate the lawn mower. 4. After the engine stops running and cools it after refueling.
Intelligent lawn mower CE certification standards
It is estimated that you will get different certification bodies to have different assessment results.
How does the Honda Mower change the belt?
We then said that the third: If you change the steering machine, the material cost is about 4200 yuan, the working hours is 1600 yuan, plus some accessories 200 yuan, all down all the costs should be about 6,000 yuan.