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No noise, no streaking
100% Natural rubber refill fit for all the weather worldwide.
Easy to install
fit for 98% cars    


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Q:2000 Ford Taurus, windshield wiper problems?
Your cigarette lighter shorting may have blown another fuse in your fuse block , or a relay to the wipers may have blown from an overload .Check both the inside fuse panel and the engine compartment master fuse and relay box .I am betting on an accessory fuse or a similar component.
Q:my windshield wipersstoped what happened?
Change the fuse in the fuse box usually located by your left foot or under the steering wheel. Fuses only cost a couple of bucks Pull out the fuse for the windshield wipers, on the box it should tell you which one is for the windshield, look at it and if theirs a break in the metal line inside the fuse or it looks burnt that means it needs to be replaced Also do this first before you take it to a mechanic because if you don't know they will tell you it's a bad motor and cost hundreds to fix even though it's probably only a 2 dollar fuse.
Q:What size of windshield wipers do I need for a ford f-150 97?
play it safe, go to an auto parts store and they will know. some replace windshield wipers free of charge if you buy the wipers from them.
Q:one windshield wiper working on a golf 95?
If they are hitting each other then the gearing mechanism that synchronizes the wiper arms either has a broken part or a gear has stripped teeth. If you're handy, you can head to your local junkyard and pull the parts from any MK3 golf ('91-'99) for a few bucks. Otherwise your repair shop can do it, but new original parts + labor will cost you more.
Q:Why dont my windshield wipers work?
Could be deep inside the dash, but if you are lucky the shaft that the wiper pivots on still turns when then wiper motor is running. Turn the wipers on and look close (while parked). If this is so then you must lift the wiper arm cover off and tighten the nut hidden below. Hope this makes sence. It would be much easier if I could point it out to you
Q:How to keep windshield wipers working (and windows clean) when its COLD (10 degrees F or lower)?
The good ol smack the wiper against the windshield! Got to love it. Besides washer fluid with antifreeze and keep the defrost on high I dont know there is another option.
Q:i have a 1980 holiday rambler motor home and it has hydrolic windshield wipers and dont no where to turn them?
Sucks to be you. Seriously, Who made the chassis for the barge? I have never actually seen a hydraulic wiper system, air and vacuum and electric , yes. Whatever you are looking for has to be within the drivers reach and really should be marked. How many switches do you have to try to find it? If nothing on the dash works to make the wipers go , then you have a power problem. If they are hydraulic, then the engine may need to run, electric wipers will work with just the key on. Have you checked all the fuses? Can you confirm a hydraulic or electric motor by lifting the panels in front of the windshield? These things were trailers on a van frame so they mickey moused as they went and never buried anything
Q:Adjusting windshield wipers on Tacoma?
yes actually they told him right on that one it can cause problems on high mileage vehicles i have seen it happen more than once,and especially on higher mileage ones,your better off just changing the fluid and filter on those than having them flushed out,good luck and happy holidays.
Q:How do I get access to the windshield wiper transmission on my 1982 Mercedes Benz 380 SL (Model 107)?
They are cheap for a reason. If you can afford better, I would go with a better tire. They will not offer the grip that you most likely are accustom to.
Q:Is it better to keep windshield wipers outwhen it snows?
yes it is, the heat from the defroster will keep the wipers warm.

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