bosch flat wiper blade

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No noise, no streaking
100% Natural rubber refill fit for all the weather worldwide.
Easy to install
fit for 98% cars    


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Q:How to keep windshield wipers working (and windows clean) when its COLD (10 degrees F or lower)?
The good ol smack the wiper against the windshield! Got to love it. Besides washer fluid with antifreeze and keep the defrost on high I dont know there is another option.
Q:Replacing windshield wiper refills?
see the tab on the end of the wiper blade? squeeze the tab and pull on it.
Q:Windshield wipers not working properly.?
Sounds like some part of the wiper(s) motor assembly is loose, broken, stripped or possibly not on correctly/wrong parts.
Q:96 200sx se nissian windshield wiper wont move at all?
Before you get into the electrician mode be sure the wipers are secure on the shafts that drive them. If you can hear the motor running but the wipers aren't moving it may just be that they've come loose on the shafts. The shafts are splined and are supposed to mesh with the splined portion inside the base of the wiper arms, if they don't the shafts turn inside the wiper arm base and the wipers don't do the job. Generally speaking wiper motors don't go out often because they're not in constant use. If that motor is humming when the switch is on, the fault is either in the loose connections on the shafts or the linkage between the motor and the shafts is loose, disconnected or broken.
Q:2001 Pontiac Montana windshield wipers.?
You probably have moisture on the circuit board that is bolted to the wiper motor. You can take it off and clean it with electrical contact cleaner and reseal it with a little RTV when you put the cover back on. That is the same problem I had with mine. I found a new motor and board at NAPA for $80.00 but tried cleaning mine first and it has been fine for 4 months now. If you do try to clean it make sure you mark where the wiper cam and wiper motor shaft so you line them back up right when you put them back together.
Q:why do the windshield wipers on a 1998 mercury grand marquis go half way up then get stuck?
The wiper motor is defective, or the drive circuitry in the motor is not doing what it is supposed to. The park function and timing is controled within the motor, it may be getting weak. In my opinion a wiper motor will solve your concern.
Q:Lincoln Mark VIII windshield wipers help please?
replace the wiper motor assy. the wiper park switch is in the wiper motor. 9 times out of 10 it is the wiper motor. I have seen this thousands of times I worked for lincoln mercury dealerships for 13 yrs.
Q:Can I make a compost tumbler out of an old barrel that held windshield wiper fluid?
Windshield wiper fluid can also have methyl hydrate in it, which is another organic chemical which should be broken down by the composting process, just like ammonia (which is used as a fertiliser in commercial operations). Now, if you know the barrel had special wiper fluid in it, like Rain-X, I'd be a little more cautious.
Q:My windshield wipers will not TURN OFF unless i turn off the ignition or take the fuse out what do i do ?????
i had a toyota yesterday that had the same problem at first i questioned the wiper motor itself it has what is called a park circuit that works on a switch that tells when they are down. but that checked out. then i thought maybe it was the multifunction switch because it was sending the voltage but there was no power on one of the pins i would expect then i noticed that the washer pump did not work. so i looked at a diagram of the switch and sure enough the switch looks at the voltage from the washer motor line to switch on a transistor and turn on the wipers on low speed i fixed the open wire at the pump motor and the wipers returned to normal. yours may not be exactly like this but it gives a good idea of the flow of diagnosis. if i had just replaced the wiper motor i would have been wrong if i had just replaced the switch i would have been wrong. any way good luck!
Q:Windshield wiper blades stuck?
either replace the motor or replace the board on the motor because what happened is that the wiper motor got stressed out and the board said nope not gonna die today so in the middle we go.

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