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and the wiper fluid won't stop flowing. I don't new if i should get one with pulse or delay. Thank you
On my Tahoe, we had to replace the fuse. But that was just to fix the wipers working on high. I don't know about the fluid. Good luck :o)
My mom has a 2002 or 2003 buick century and when u turn the windshied wiper blades off they stop in the middle of the windshield standing straight up. Its been happening for about a yr now but when you turn them on they wrk any idea how to fix this?
or you could remove the wiper blade arm by removing the cover at the base of the arm and undoing the nut. Then remove the arm and turn it to the right position and replace the nut and cover Source(s):
I have a 2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trac. I turned them on and they moved to the 12 o‘clock position, made a thunk sound and stopped. I turned the wipers off immediately turned them back on, hoping they would reset, no such luck. Any suggestions on how to fix, short of taking my truck to the ford dealer?
i dont have USAA but mine have went up for the last 2 years also. so has my homeowners insurance. when i called and as they said it was due to the fact that supplies to rebuild a home have went up and that they needed to raise my premium to cover the increase in building supplies. WHAT HORSE *HIT. my autos are the same way,,,both cars are over 9 years old,,,,paid OFF, and no tickets,,,we are getting older (supposed to go down when you get older). dont know why the auto insurance keeps going up either. but no you are not alone and yes many other people are having the same problem ,,,,USAA or not
My windshield wipers are stuck in the upright position on my 2001 Pontiac Montana and they wont return to the right position. They work fine when I‘m using them, but when I turn them off they return to the upright position. I took out the fuse, and that is not the problem. Any ideas on why they would stay that way and any suggestions as to how to fix it would be great.
You probably have moisture on the circuit board that is bolted to the wiper motor. You can take it off and clean it with electrical contact cleaner and reseal it with a little RTV when you put the cover back on. That is the same problem I had with mine. I found a new motor and board at NAPA for $80.00 but tried cleaning mine first and it has been fine for 4 months now. If you do try to clean it make sure you mark where the wiper cam and wiper motor shaft so you line them back up right when you put them back together.
95 mercury windshield wipers will not park what is wrong?
The windshield wiper transmission may have slipped a couple of teeth. Do the wipers seem to wipe past the edge of your window? If so you can take the transmission cover off and loosen the bolt or clip, and reposition it to where it should be when in the park position. Then reinstall clip or bolt and try them out.
I replaced the windshield wipers on my 2010 Cobalt because they were loud and squeaking. The new ones made the exact same noise from the moment I installed them. How can I fix this. Also, I never wax the windshield, so please don‘t suggest anything like ‘don‘t wax the window.‘
Maybe you should take the car to a car wash, and wash it. The new wipers may need some time to be broken in. There may be something up with the windshield or the windshield wiper motor(s).
The windshield wipers on my 1999 civic stopped working out of the blue. I tried changing the fuse and still nothing. I‘m not sure if it‘s the wiper motor either because when I turn my wipers on I hear the motor going - but my blades stay still. Any ideas ??
It is possible that they need to be tightened down. There is a bolt where the wiper arm meets the motor. Take it off and look inside and make sure that the groves did not get stripped. If they are you may need a new wiper arm.
Before you say it yourself, yes im an idiot for how this happened. The drivers side windshield wiper arm is not giving any pressure towards the windshield anymore this was because we were kidding around and someone ended up pulling the whole thing down. it is a 1987 chevrolet celebrity. motor and everything else works fine im just getting no pressure on the window so its not making full contact.what can I do myself? please dont say see a mechanic because that is a last resort for looking for help here :)thanks!
The pressure on the blade is derived from an over center spring under the arm attached to stops at either end. The works of the spring is to either hold the arm way up off the glass for wiper service, or to apply pressure to the scraper blade allowing it to roll over according to the direction of travel. If the spring has become stretched beyond it's working range, it will appear normal and Must be replaced as an assembly. If it is missing same fix. But if it is there and not mounted, you might be able to reattach it. Caution as you can get cut trying to fix it.