Blender with Pure-copper motor

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Blender with Pure-copper motor


VDE Plug,3*0.5MM²*0.8M
Pure-copper motor
11000~22000 loop/min
CE certificate


-minced meat,
-dry grinding, mixing,
-made milkshakes,


Gift box Size:  
32X 16 X25CM, 6pcs/ctn
Carton Size:    
20' Container: 1848 pcs      
40 HQ : 4488pcs
G.w/N.w Ctn: 9kg/10kg

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Q:Types of concrete mixers commonly used
Commonly used concrete mixer type, the way to divide: forced type; roller type. The capacity of the mix is divided into 250 types (0.25 cubed per mixture); type 350 (0.35 cubed per mixture); type 500 (0.5 cubed per mixture); type 750 (0.75 cubed per mix).
Q:What's the point of the mixer?
Electric is the switch, press it and press it. When the power is pressed, the power can be connected, and when you let go, you disconnect
Q:Joyoung blender fish you can do
The general mixer can only be broken and mixed materials, as made of fish, also need other tools or hand-made ball shape.
Q:Concrete mixer lifting motors often burn what reason?
Concrete mixer lifting motors often burn what reason?
Q:What's the good quality of the mixer for Joyoung and PHILPS?
Of course, PHILPS is good!
Q:What's the difference between a blender and a blender?
A.1. mixer is a machine with blades that rotates in a cylinder or groove and mixes a variety of ingredients to make it a mixture or a machine for consistency.There are several types of mixer, a compulsory mixer, single horizontal shaft mixer, twin shaft mixer etc.. Note: mixers and automatic feeders must be cleaned inside, especially in winter, which prolongs life. Mixer is a mixer, because the mixer is usually the role of mixing and mixing all kinds of dry mortar, it is commonly known as mixer.The 2. agitator is a device that forces liquid and gaseous medium to be forced to convection and to be uniformly mixed.The type, size and speed of the agitator affect the mixing power in the overall flow and turbulent pulsation distribution.
Q:Can the Joyoung soya bean milk machine be used as a mixer?
Joyoung soya bean milk machine can make juice, but after heating, boiling, taste is not very good, you can put a variety of fruits, beans, vegetables (such as carrots) according to their own tastes to match the production, improve nutritional value.
Q:What's the difference between a cooking machine, a blender, a juice machine, a juicer, a soymilk maker?
The mixer includes blender, juice machine, juicer, and can stir, grind, squeeze juice and make soya bean milk. The biggest difference with soya bean milk machine is fully functional, but without heating function. Recommended to buy separately, after all, soybean milk machine is professional, regardless of convenience, taste aspects are the best, and the mixer is convenient for kitchen needs
Q:How many minutes do you want the feed mixer?
Under normal circumstances within 100 rpm, according to the size of equipment, the greater the equipment, the lower the speed. If you have equipment, you can look at the signs on the equipment.
Q:What kind of mixer would you like?
Hello, your question seems to be our product can be solved. We are the production of liquid mixer professional manufacturers, we have a patent product can be without disassembling the mixer, by lifting the blender mixing barrel directly removed, very simple, but do not know the specific parameters of the mixer and you want to understand the specific configuration, if can add our QQ 776330204 into details, we can according to your specific requirements of the project. For you to have a visual understanding, here give you a picture to see first.

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