Multi-Functional Blender with filter

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Multi-Functional Blender with filter


1. 110-120V/220-240V
2. 50-60Hz/200-250W
3. VDE Plug,3*0.5MM²*0.8M
4. Pure-copper motor
5. 11000~22000 loop/min
6. CE certificate


Gift Box Size: 300mm*136mm*243mm
Carton Size: 615mm*423mm*501mm

Net Weight:  20.16KGS
Gross Weight: 21.41KGS

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Q:What kind of mixer do you have?
Classification by type of operationBy operation with cycle operation and continuous operation two.The three processes of feeding, stirring and discharging of the cycle operation are carried out according to a certain time interval, that is, according to the parts mixing system.As the mixing of various materials have been accurately weighing, so mixing quality is good. Most of this type of operation is used.The three processes of continuous operation are performed continuously in a longer barrel. Although its productivity is higher than that of cycle operation, the mixing quality is poor due to the mixing ratio of each material and the difficulty of mixing time. Use less.
Q:How big is the power of the JS-750 mixer?
This depends on the manufacturers, mainly to see the motor power of the mixer, js-750 stands for only 750 liters of material
Q:With the mixer can make rice milk?
Yes, see if you're a little thick or a little thinner. If it's a little thicker, the ratio of rice to water is 1; 2 water, a little thinner, 1; 3-4 water will do. Now there are a few dozen rice heating machine, hope to adopt
Q:How do you make soy milk with a blender?
Soak the soybean overnightAnd stir it until it's broken enoughPot cookedYou can drink with a cloth before you cross itOther people who only know how to do body building drinksUse Muscle Builder two tablespoon, banana one, fresh milk box, egg oneStir for half a minute to drinkThe others don't know
Q:Fruit with a mixer into a fruit puree, and then consumption, its nutrition will be lost?
Nutrition will certainly be part of the loss. After eating should be eaten immediately
Q:Can the household mixer be heated?
Soybean milk machine can stir heat, but may not be so high temperature
Q:Can a food mixer make dumpling stuffing?
May not。。The meat stirred like mudNot at allTo cut in less chopDelicious
Q:How about four in one juice mixer? Well, I'll consider buying one
The quick ones are to be poured out and cooked in the pot. Anyway, the one I bought has no direct electric cooking function
Q:Can the blender be used to stir fry the fried peanuts?
Yes, but it might break a bit
Q:What does dry powder mixer do?
Dry powder mixing machines are widely used, including:1, widely used in powder paint, powder, putty, putty, medicine, food, feed, chemicals, ceramics, refractories and other solid solid (i.e. powder and powder), solid slurry (i.e., powder and liquid mixed mortar), especially suitable for viscous material mixing.2. Under normal circumstances, dry sand slurry mixed with vitrified beads is recommended. Horizontal spiral ribbon mixer is recommended.3, putty, lacquer, biology, medicine, food and other industries, recommend the use of stainless steel.4, the fiber content of larger, different density of materials mixed, the mixer is not suitable.

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