Convenient for use and clean blender DZ-2020

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$6.78 / unit
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3000 unit
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250000 unit/month

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Product Description:

110-220V AC 50/60Hz 250W
Capacity: 0.5L
Convenient for use and clean
Great for smoothies, diet shakes & protein drinks
Blender jar can be taken our for personal use
BPA-free sport bottle
Cup material: TRITAN



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Q:Can you mix the thyme in the blender?
The flesh and seeds can be dug and some water is added. The blender is broken into juice.
Q:What's the difference between a mixer and a mixer?
In fact, the function and principle are similar, the purpose is to mix or stir the material production, may be because their respective uses are not the same, the use of different, such as mixing for the production of paste like this.
Q:What's the difference between concrete mixer and mortar mixer?
In terms of power, power, volume, concrete mixer is big, you can Baidu, the picture of both, it is clear
Q:Can multi function mixer make high quality bread?
High quality bread, first of all, the formula is accurate, and then hit the surface, the process should be in place.20 liters of noodle machine is not suitable for domestic use, but small machines, brand clutter, quality is uneven, although you can play, but be careful not to burn. Ha-haBecause these small machines and a 100-200 grams of dough has become, 500 grams of flour knead out of the dough about 900 grams, belong to the state of rubbing is not.
Q:How do SUPOR mixer make soybean milk?
The specific methods and procedures are as follows:1 a cup of soy, in a bowl, early night soak, morning, soaked Huang Doudiu into the blender (I do not love with soaked bean water, so the water drain is poured into the mixer)2., use the same cup of soybean, measure 4 cups of water, pour into the mixer (also can 3 cups, used to be more light, and 5 cups is not impossible).3., stir up, stir up to yellow bean dregs very fine degree.4 even the residue with water, together into the pot, boil, boil in before I remember always stirring, so as not to paste pot, and then turn a small fire for 15 minutes, then do not need to have a look at the mixing, at least need to cook for 15 minutes, otherwise, there is a Soybean Milk component will hinder the absorption of protein.5 cooked the Soybean Milk, with a number of filtering very fine, very good use. Direct holding hands boiling down, see the full number of bean dregs, stopped and put out to filter residue buckle.6. then the soybean milk is ready.
Q:What accessories does the concrete mixer have?
Concrete mixer: mainly composed of mixing barrel, feeding and discharging mechanism, water supply system, prime mover, transmission mechanism, frame and supporting device.Concrete mixer function:To make the composition homogeneous on both macroscopic and microscopic levels;Destroy the agglomeration of cement particles and promote the development of dispersion;Destroy the initial hydrate film wrapping layer of cement particles;To promote collision between particles, friction, dust and film to reduce the impact;Increase the frequency of the movement of each element in the mixture and the crossover frequency of the trajectory, and accelerate the homogenization.
Q:Can a blender dry powder be used to mince meat?
Reluctantly, but not ideal, capacity is still small, so I'm going to buy a meat grinder, meat and vegetables can be done: Joyoung professional meat grinder JYS-A800, my family love dumplings.
Q:Does the home mixer work with a lid, stirring, or removing the lid and stirring?
Do you think boiling water is done by covering the lid or burning the lid quickly? Anyway, at least put the lid clean and safe!
Q:Can the blender mince the meat?
Sure。 The meat meat, meat mixer meat cutter function is generally suitable for small meat, used for balls, dumplings and other food.Soybean milk, the amount of dried beans soaked with water after hours, pour into the soya bean milk strainer, water to the soybean milk cup under the maximum water line below the appropriate location, start the machine, began to smash. The water quickly turns white and cloudy, and the concentration is higher and higher.The grinding house often need polishing, such as pepper sauce, pepper and other commonly used surface, there are also some food materials, such as the need to do Rice noodles steamed pork with rice flour, the Korean rice cake or Sichuan Ciba required yellow bean flour, need to use the blender grinding function. It can be said that the grinding function makes it possible to make more professional food at home.
Q:Is the mixer good for Joyoung or beauty?
I suggest you decide on your own, the machine is good or bad is not to say, but to see how you go to use

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