Easy cleaning mini size blender DZ-2009P

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$6.00 / unit
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TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
3000 unit
Supply Capability:
250000 unit/month

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Product Description:

110-220V AC 50/60Hz 180W
Capacity: 0.5L
Mini size
Two speeds, Plastic jar
Detachable knife for easy cleaning
Safety system
Cute appearance



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Q:Can wine grapes be smashed with a blender?
The factory usually uses grapes to go to the crusher to break the grapes, and they don't break the grapes. Grape seed will be broken into astringency, but you won't break the seed with the mixer, when Wine after fermentation, filtration residue, a small amount of lost. When the factory is large, it is collected and sold to grape seed oil (supercritical extraction), which is of high value.
Q:Mixer two days ago is still working properly, today suddenly appear mixing and feeding capacity, motor hot?
Is the three-phase motor or single-phase motor, single-phase motor may be broken capacitor?
Q:What are the concrete mixer models?
There are many kinds of models, such as 250, 350, 500 and so on, which represent his capacity.Are you satisfied with the above answer?
Q:What's the difference between a mixer and a shredder?
Stirring is mixing different substances together to make them even,For example, syrup: dissolve sugar in water, stir with chopsticks, so as to speed up the dissolution, evenComminution is breaking large objects into smaller onesFor example, turning large waste plastics into small plastic particles is a crusher
Q:How do you fix the blender?
What's the trouble? Come to me. I'm good at it
Q:What accessories does the concrete mixer have?
The mixer is divided into a general mixer and a forced mixer. At present, the construction of the mixer is mandatory. The difference is that the former is the outer shell and the latter is stirring. The main accessories of the forced mixer are: lifting bucket, stirring arm, blade, hopper, spacing device and lining board. Usually, the mixing arm, blade and lining plate are easy to be damaged, and should be replaced in construction.
Q:How can I make cucumber powder when I don't have a mixer at home?
No blender can be used to make cucumber in a powder like manner:1, first of all, cucumber will wash, cut into thin strips.2, and then cut into thin strips of diced cucumber.3, the diced cucumber placed in a mortar (garlic mortar sub) in the ground can be.
Q:Recommend mixer. A machine that sorts food into a paste.
You can buy food machine ah, now there are many sell food machine, SUPOR, Joyoung, Midea, Royalstar, PHILPS, and so on are doing duck brand. Processing machine can do soybean milk, dry powder, all kinds of fruit juice and so on, should be able to meet your needs. Appliance monopoly, such as Suning, Gome, five-star, Yongle, or online can buy, the price in 100 to 1000 range, about two hundred or so will be enough.
Q:What's the difference between a cooking machine, a blender, a juice machine, a juicer, a soymilk maker?
In a Soybean Milk, grinding powder, juice, ice cream, meat stuffing, playing a multifunctional machine of female beauty mask deployment in a function, called food machine. The mixer is almost as good as the cooking machine.Fruit juice machine and juicer, of course, is dedicated to fruit juice, usually with juice function.And of course Soybean Milk machine is designed to do Soybean Milk, and like Joyoung Soybean Milk machine this is now, with automatic cooking function, that is made out of Soybean Milk, you can directly drink (Soybean Milk not cooked is harmful to the body, so be sure to boil). That is to say, making soybean milk, soybean milk machine is more intelligent and convenient than cooking machine.So I suggest you still soymilk machine and cooking machine to buy separately, after all, the function of targeted is still not the same. In addition, as now Joyoung new series of warm bean milk machine, in addition to do soybean milk, there are fruit and vegetable cold drinks and rice paste and other functions, taste choice many kinds, but also very convenient.
Q:What's the noise of the mixer?
If the mixer should be the kind of home, first to check the cup body, the cup cover anastomosis is not covered, if consistent, or noise, can put a towel on the mixer table, fold the towels, and then put the towel on the pad mixer position, can reduce the noise you can try

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