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How many special operators do you need to build a bridge machine? What kind of special operations personnel should be held?
General bridge machine, the need for a total command, operator 2, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic engineer
Main components of bridge erecting machine
The JQ900A type Longmen type double girder three leg bridge machine as an example, mainly composed of a machine arm, a lifting trolley, two lifting trolley, one column, column two, column three, hydraulic system, electrical system, diesel generator protection and safety monitoring system (part of Figure 1).
The difference between the bridge erecting machine and machine
Simple said bridge building machine is in bridge abutment on-site pouring concrete formwork, and the bridge erecting machine is dipping prefabricated in bridge abutment.
100 tons of bridge crane can lift 100 tons beam
Need to load 10%. If you say that the 100t is the rated load of the bridge crane, there is no problem with hanging 100t weights.
What kind of machinery is the bridge? Is the bridge crane or bridge crane? What is the difference between the three?
And there is walking on the beam, or called the longitudinal displacement. The biggest difference between the bridge erecting machine and the general overhead traveling crane is that it needs to go through the hole itself
The difference between double guide beam bridge machine and single beam bridge machine
Double beam bridge machine:The double guide beam type bridge erecting machine is composed of a double leading beam, a supporting leg, a hanging beam trolley, a moving mechanism, a traversing mechanism and an electric control system. Main beam usually adopts triangle truss, Bailey assembling and box type structure.
Operating rules for bridge erecting machines
The vertical height of the longitudinal running rail of the bridge erecting machine is corresponding to the height requirement, and is stable. Front, middle and rear legs of the horizontal running track requirements, and strictly control the spacing, the three tracks must be parallel.
When does the bridge machine not belong to the gantry crane?
The bridge erecting machine is a device for placing a prefabricated beam on a prefabricated pier