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Aluma Beam Capacity Supplier & Manufacturer from China is a professional Aluma Beam Capacity supplier & manufacturer, offers integrated one-stop services including real-time quoting and online cargo tracking. We are funded by CNBM Group, a Fortune 500 enterprise and the largest Aluma Beam Capacity firm in China.

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How can teachers use scaffolding to support student learning of new knowledge?
You need to relate new class knowledge to old knowledge, and also make learning materials for new activities highly structured, and gradually less structured as you move through the topic.
I have my belly button pierced as well and didn't think that hurt, how would you compare it to belly button piercings?
im assuming 5 if you did your belly without pain. i want mine done too :D
I got my industrial pierced on august 17th of this year. About 2 weeks ago this little bump formed on the outside of the bottom hole...i was wondering if i took it out to get it cleaned really good since its kinda hard to fully clean it would that affect it in any negative way? Its only been a month so im a little apprehensive about taking it out but it would only be for a couple minutes...please help!!!!!!!!!!
Sounds like a keloid lump!! I had one on my eyebrow piercing, I went to my piercer and she said rince the area with salt at least twice a day and also get a flannel as hot as you can handle it and press it against the lump. Mine went away after about a week.
the shop said i might have the wrong ear shape, does anyone know of any pictures or diagrams of the wrong shape so i can see. Also what are some do's and do not's. not like cleaning cos i've read loads of them, just anything else useful. thankssharotoxxx
Hello You should have asked them I dunno whats that mean the wrong ear shape But you can always do a cartilage piercing, it looks a way better Good luck
Construction of the bowl button steel scaffolding and fastener type scaffolding which cost high
Bowl button steel scaffolding is not commonly used, so the relative price of a little higher
I just got my scaffold piercing done today and everything went well. I was just wondering how long the healing process would take? Does it vary with different people? And is using sea-salt and warm water the best way to clean it?Cheers x
1/4tsp od non-iodised sea salt in a cup of warm water. And yes, that is the best way to clean it. Use a cotton ball to soak it, then get at the crusties with a q-tip. Healing varies for everyone. Also depends if you have one long bar, or two shorter ones. And if you sleep on it. Just be patient :) Industrials often get hypertrophic scarring, which is like a little bump. Hot, wet, pure chammomile teabag soaks will help with that.
What is the previous version of the scaffold fastener (JGJ166-2008) for construction? That is, the implementation of the current version of JGJ166-2008 will soon be replaced by 2009.7.1 version.
In addition, I did not hear that JGJ166-2008 has a new version of ah
A 105 kg scaffold is 6.2 m long. It is hanging with two wires, one from each end. A 520 kg box sits 2.2 m from the left end. What is the tension in the right hand side wire?(g = 9.8 m/s2)
(105 x 9.8) = weight of 1,029N. Half is supported by each wire, = 514.5N. (520 x 9.8) = 5,096N. box weight. (6.2 - 2.2) = 4m. 5,096/((4//2.2)) +1) = 1,808.258N. (5,096 - 1,808.258) + 514.5 = 3,802.242N. tension in left wire.