DCY900Rubber-tyred Beam Carrier

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Product Description:

Overall machine can conduct straight, oblique and transverse running, self-slewing and“8”-shape veering with three supporting points, ensuring beams transported bear no torquemoment。

Loading Capacity:900000kg

Vehicle Overall Mass(including mass of two beam-carriers)     :270000kg

Axial Line/Suspension       16/17

Vehicle speed:

             0-10.0 km/h (no-load, on flat ground)

             0-5.0 km/h (fully loaded on flat ground)


Gradeability as Fully loaded:

      Logitudinal slope:±5%

      Transverse slope: ±4%

Wheel Specification / Quantity:     26.5R25/ 64


Platform Height while fully loaded:

       without two beam-carriers      2687mm

     including two beam-carriers     3467mm

Total Jacling Stroke of the Platform:       ±300mm

Engine Model /Quantity:

            480kw/2100rpm/2set(water-cooling diesel engine(imported)

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