conventional frame wiper blade

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1. 100% natural rubber to suit different weather around.
2. Quality spring to assure longer life.
3. New locking system for quick and easy installation.
4. Fancy design and exquisite techniques to give you difference and dignity.
5. Applicable for climates world

6. size available: 11"---26"

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Q:Windshield Wiper Arm Problem?
go to the auto parts store and buy some snuggies that you put over the wiper arm. it only takes a few minutes to install,they act like a spring , but are a lot easier to install.
Q:VW Jetta (2009) Does anyone else think the windshield wipers are too slow, even on high?
Nope. My 2006 GTI clears my windshield quickly even in heavy downpours. There is a small adjustor located on top of the wiper arm. Set it on its highest speed. Might want to check owners manual, too. It might be different on your 09.
Q:How do I install new windshield wipers on my 99 Buick Park Avenue?
Q:Acura RSX windshield wipers!!!!!?
take them off like all of them. maybe it has a little button in the wiper that u have to push so they can slide down or you can also try hitting it off with a hammer until it comes out lol
Q:where to buy windshield wipers?
if you know the make, model and year of his car, then yes, you can get them that waythey are easy to put on, you may not need to buy the whole windshield wiper, just replacement rubberthey dont cost that much, anywhere from $6. to $25, each, depending on the type you get
Q:My windshield wipers will not work. Please HELP!?
if it's not the fuse make sure to wipe rain-x on your windshield so at least you can see if it starts raining again.
Q:Toddler afraid of windshield wipers??
lol, I'm so sorry but that sounds so cute and funny.Kids become afraid of the darnedest things sometimes. Personally, i think it is a combination of the rainthen this sudden noise from nowhere!.bam! then these weird looking things are moving on the window.eeeeeek! Get me outta here, this place is crazy! at least that may be whats going on in her mind. you can try warning herlike use the same phrase each time b4 you turn them on.Such asits raining, i have to turn the wipers on.Kids like to be warned about certain things.And she will still be afraid but at least she was warned. you can also let her use the button a few times to show her.She will most likely jump out of her seat when she hits that button then those wipers come on.but she may relax after a few once she sees that she can control it. You can also try getting her a toy car with noticeable wipers on itshe may associate the 2 and calm down after a while. Either way, i think this will pass and she will get used to them.Just try using them a little more often when she is in the car.
Q:1998 dodge neon windshield wipers?
More than likely the plastic bushing that connects the wiper transmission to the wiper motor is broken. You need to remove the cowl cover and see if the transmission linkage is attached to the motor. I've put several bushings in Dodge vehicles (usually trucks). I believe you can get the part from any parts store that carries HELP products. Good luck.
Q:How do I get access to the windshield wiper transmission on my 1982 Mercedes Benz 380 SL (Model 107)?
They are cheap for a reason. If you can afford better, I would go with a better tire. They will not offer the grip that you most likely are accustom to.
Q:my windshield wiper mechanism broke and instead of replacing it is there anyway i can run from the moter stra?
The wiper motor is a complex system of gears, electronics, and electrical contacts. This is why the wipers reverse direction when they operate. There would be no way to do what you said. Your cheapest bet is to go to a junkyard and get the parts you need off a donor car.

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