conventional frame wiper blade

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1. 100% natural rubber to suit different weather around.
2. Quality spring to assure longer life.
3. New locking system for quick and easy installation.
4. Fancy design and exquisite techniques to give you difference and dignity.
5. Applicable for climates world

6. size available: 11"---26"

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Q:Question about 2000 Honda Accord EX Windshield Wipers Not Working?
something is wrong with the linkage or gearbox. you need to take off the cowl under the windshield, and look at the wiper linkage. you will see moving parts, and a broken part, and some non-moving parts. you will then need to replace the broken part, which will make the currently non-moving parts mobile once again.
Q:my windshield wipers sometimes stop working when my car gets to 60mph. The drivers side wiper gets sluggish?
Have you tried replacing the blades yet?
Q:How do I correct windshield wipers not staying in contact with windshield?
It's usually not the motor but the relay. That's located there where the fuses are, under the hood. The next thing after that would be your multi-switch that you use to turn the wipers on with, it may have gone bad, but I always go for the relay first, as that's the weakest link.
Q:Windshield Wiper stop return to vertical position instead of horizontal?
you will desire to under no circumstances attempt to function the windshield wipers without first clearing the snow off the window and making particular the wiper blade isn't caught to the window from the ice. constantly pop them removed from the windo first. you have gotten stripped the kit circulation, and would would desire to interchange the motor. you will desire to be waiting to locate one at a junk backyard extraordinarily low priced.
Q:One of my windshield wipers doesnt work?help?
If it moves some times it is not the rod from the motor. My guess is that either the wiper arm is loose, or the teeth inside the wiper arm got stripped away. The shaft is steel, and the wirer arm is soft cast metal that will easily strip out. Take that particular wiper arm off and operate the wiper for a few seconds. If the shaft turns the problem is solved, it's with the wiper arm. Sounds like a simple, and cheap problem to solve.
Q:Help! - Broken windshield wiper?
go on down to a local parts store. they can tell iffin the arm is clocked wrong, pivot point stripped, or if it's a linkage issue. i usually don't trust counter ppl. but in this case, i don't see an issue. depending on what the issue is, they maybe able to help you right there.
Q:Just Curious:Why eyeglasses don't have tiny little windshield wipers?
that would be nice since i wear glasses but i can imagine they would interfere with your vision like the windshield wipers on the car i tend to watch them as they work. oops!
Q:Is there anything that can eliminate noisy windshield wipers?
As stated road film will cause new wiper blades to squeak, jump, chatter or emit any number of noises, a 50-50 mix of white vinegar and distilled water makes an excellent windshield cleaner . . . . wipe dry with old newspaper, yes, newspaper. I buy my wipers at Advance Auto and have had no problem with them, dealerships used to use Anco or Trico as OE, don't know if that is still true. Always buy a wiper refill or complete assembly that has a metal spine on the blade, plastic is not rigid enough for good performance. Make sure the assembly has no less than six contact points on the wiper blade, the more contact points on the blade, the better contact on the windshield. If you follow these suggestions and still have chatter or squeaks, there is a possibility that there is a problem with the wiper arm itself, weak spring, corroded/rusted pivot pin or bent lower arm causing poor contact. The last condition I have found only once in 45 plus years.
Q:Why would my windshield wipers not turn off on my 2002 Ford Explorer. On/Off switch does nothing. Thanks.?
short in the switch or circuit
Q:How long have automobiles been legally required to have windshield wipers?
I think that depends on your state but I found this info: Mary Anderson is said to have invented the windshield wiper swinging arm in the United States, where she patented the idea in 1905. The idea was initially met with resistance, but was a standard feature on all American cars by 1916. Thats at least some info

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