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What is the difference between an electric car hub motor and an electric bicycle hub motor?
Compared with electric bicycle hub motor, automobile hub motor has higher power and torque. The biggest difference is on the control system. Bicycles are two wheels, but the car has four, to solve the problem of speed and synchronization problems, this is the biggest problem.An electric bicycle with a hub motor can have electromagnetic resistance when riding without electricity, and an electromagnetic clutch can be reduced by using an on-off mechanism. A clutch mechanism can also be used to adjust the gear to speed ratio.
Electric car Holzer bad what symptom?
The electric vehicle has the following three places to have Holzer (bad, generally directly trades Holzer, Holzer is unable to repair!) Holzer, there are 3 wires, you use a multimeter to test the power is removed (usually for the other two red line) is a voltage output (if the switch is good two values: close to 0V or 5V; 0.8-4.2V linear continuous output value), no output or other bad. Of course, when testing, brake and release two of the movement, turn the handle and motor to make it manually turn up.
How can electric motors be solved?
This is divided into two major categories, you need to investigate.1, electric cars;2 batteries;3, that the operation;Electric vehicle reasons:1.1, the body drive parts of the friction is very large, causing the current is high, the power consumption is large; for example, the wheel rotation effort (bearing bad), or other friction;
What's the difference between brushless and brush motors for a storage battery?
The motor noise is normal I visited the market, a brushless motor of electric vehicle sales, to demonstrate characteristics of mute brushless motor under no-load condition, in order to prove the brushless motor than the brush motor is much superior to that in fact, the purchase of electric vehicles is not to buy air conditioning equipment, consumers don't need for it if no noise and make a decision whether or not to buy. In fact, the use of a brushless motor of electric vehicle users will know, brushless motor in no-load or low load (such as flat without wind) motor sound is very small, but when running to the heavy load such as uphill, against the wind, it tends to be a far more than brush motor "huge" the sound, even electromagnetic shaking uncomfortable, but the sound is not in the promotion process in quiet. In fact, the vehicle motor running a sound is normal, after all, it is a kind of outdoor use of transport, the provisions of the state standard for noise less than 62 decibels, the vast majority of domestic brush motor can be controlled in decibels below 55 dB, is a qualified product. Brushless motor sales guide consumers to pursue the "mute", to promote electric vehicle promotion like air conditioners, also suspected of misleading consumers, air-conditioning noise affect sleep, while the electric car noise will not affect the use of the!Three) without a series of problems of the existing motor scheme: an evening "brushless brush" wins the arbitrary will brush motor accused of "short life, large noise, low efficiency, even pointed out that" the general use of 6 months to a year to replace the carbon brush motor. "The voice of Crusade without fear! For this reason, this article also does some research on the disadvantages of brushless motor for electric bicycle.
What do you mean by "16 inches" in the 16 inch 500W motor of the electric car?
The electric motor now adopts the permanent magnet DC motor, which can reduce the traveling current and prolong the mileage.
How to measure the quality of an electric motor coil
2, using the Holzer detector (the principle diagram it Forum) whether the fault detection of Holzer: A, A, B, C three, B normal lights flashing -- A, B, C in one or more flicker - Holzer damage C, a, B, C are not bright - red, black line breaker or Holzer damage3, check the motor winding line: A, 3 big lines should be interlinked, B, 3 big lines are connected with the shell - the resistance is infinite, normal, the resistance is too small --- to determine the short circuit. C, short circuit, 3 big lines, the motor has uniform electromagnetic resistance, no blocking phenomenon. A, disconnect 3 big lines, positive and reverse motor, should have no blocking phenomenon. If the positive reversal is electromagnetic resistance, it is judged that the coil is short circuited
What kind of motor is an electric motor?
Due to the use of a large number of materials of rare earth permanent magnet motor, so the cost is relatively expensive (in the course of the performance of permanent magnet motor, especially good) in China as the main export country (rare earth rare earth has proven more than 80% mineral resources are concentrated in Inner Mongolia and Baiyunebo) in recent years has increased the limit of rare earth materials the price is higher and higher, and the electric car manufacturers therefore tend to use AC induction motor (induction motor), advantage is cheap, disadvantage is the relatively low performance
Electric motor generally how much?
Motor price: 200-400 60V motor price: 350-500 72V motor price: 450-700