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i got a new 15 solo baric l7 i just dont want to mess anything up before i go beating down the road how long is the bbreak inperiod
You might be able to call Kicker directly. They're probably more than happy to tell you for how long and how to do it. I'm not sure that all subs are the done the same way. A lot of them will say on their spec sheet what specs will change after they're broken in. The statement of a breaking in period being a myth just isn't true. The only time I've ever had a sub blow was one that I didn't break in properly. That's happened only once to me. You can write all the technical stuff down on paper about how subs don't need to be broken in, but in real life you just gotta do it.
How do I fix or replace my air suspension system?
RBK, warrior, Vapour XXX
i am looking to buy a new suspension for my jeep and i was wondering what was the difference between long and short arm suspensions. can anyone help?
This refers to the length of the control arms. Short arm suspensions use the stock location. This is fine up to about 3 lift. They are made up to about 4 These are cheaper than long arm kits. Long arm kits relocate the control arm pivot on the frame further away from the axle. This gives you a greater range in axle motion. This is important when you're at 4 or greater lift. Long arm also more expensive, but the benefits outweigh the cost if you need it.
i know how these trucks have these problems all the time. My suspension is sagging. I was going to take out the compressor and put the new one in but i had to wait cuz my dad said that the one in might just need to get something fixed(they somehow fixed it last time). The compressor wont turn on except for some weird noise it makes, it goes like POOFPOOFPOOFPOOFevery 2 seconds but nothing happends. I looked at the relay and it looked good, any suggestions??
people have to keep in mind when the air suspension sag or not stay level its not the pump. the air suspension has lost air the compressor never causes it to lose air. so if its not level either valve or a bag or a line has a leak. You have to fix the leak and then because the pump has been trying to keep air in a faulty system with a leak it has burn out. So first you have to fix the problem then replace the pump if necessary.
Is the front of the car in front of the ball?
Do not have, even if a little damage as long as there is no amount of open do not have to change! I hope my answer is helpful to you
What is the difference between a car rear suspension and a front suspension?
When you break really hard i noticed that the car lunges forward giving the car extra forward momentum even though the wheels have stopped. So my idea is a computer system that stiffens the front suspension only or even hydraulics to push the front end up to counter-act the weight being put forward on the car when the break really hard.What do you think of my idea it was just a random thought though so it might sound stupid if im wrong.
the car doesnt lunge forward, it just feels like it does because it is decellerating, and all the intertia it had is getting disssipated. this is a similar idea to the new hydraulic mounted rolling chassis they are working on at red bull racing. however this only helps in cornering at high speeds, not for braking. it sounds good in theory,
Under normal driving conditions how many miles should I expect to get from the stock run flat tires?
From all the corvette owners Ive talked to they said between 35 to 40 thousand miles.The corvette suspension system keeps the tires from wearing faster under normal driving conditions.They also like the fact you can get to a repair shop when they go flat.Very few Ive talked to have ever had a flat on there run flat tires.Best of luck.