48V 1000W Electric Bicycle Brushless Rear Wheel Motor

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Item No.:LPH10
Power (W)180-750W
Magnetic series (pcs)23
SensorIntergrated Speed Sensor
Current limiting(A)0.7
Install Size(MM)135
Flywheel seriesRear/6s
Brake typeV/Disc Type
Noise Level (DB)55
Salt testing(H)24/96
IP RatingIP54
Carton Size (MM)540*420*210
G.W (Kg)8

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Q:How do you change electric cars, motors, Holzer?
High voltage low voltage power supply voltage is approximately equal to approximately equal to 0, the mechanic will generally), the motor does not turn or turn the weak or abnormal sound (CACA), non professionals do not open, especially not open, because will damage the motor and water, if must be open to fling open (because there is a strong magnetic motor using inertia open at once). Repair bicycles are generally open, it is best to find them.
Q:Children's electric vehicles do not go where the problem?
Check it out yourself, it's not complicated.First, check the line, or the plug is loose.
Q:How to check the controller and motor of electric vehicle?
The motor is checked in the case of power failure. The test followed by Holzer's positive and negative pole, the other one followed by the other three pen root sequence line. They have the same resistance, which proves that Holzer is good. RGB three phase line resistance on the motor is the same, different power of different motor resistance.In a word, check the voltage and check the resistance when the power is off.
Q:Electric motor generally how much?
I give the price reference is an integrated price, if the price is more than 50 yuan, that means that the price is expensive.
Q:Electric bicycle motor brush good, or no good brush, what is the difference between the two?
Brushless low speed motor is selected by electric bicycle, also known as brushless gearless motor. It is more current and weak in electric bicycle starting and climbing. It is seldom used by manufacturers at present.Brush speed motor (3600 RPM / minute) is currently most of the domestic electric bicycle manufacturers selected, it adopt carbon as the two contact of motor power, the use of speed controller to control and turn, through two gear deceleration and overrunning clutch to achieve electric bicycle 0-20 km / h stepless speed regulation. The currently used brush high speed motor motor reduction gear high gold content, strong intensity, good abrasion resistance, reasonable design, so the repair rate is low; and the maintenance and replacement of gear and motor cost less, reduce the maintenance cost of electric bicycle; and brush electric machine can be achieved easily by overrunning clutch and flywheel human riding.
Q:What is the working principle diagram of Holzer in the motor of electric vehicle?
Holzer is a kind of magnetic sensor, the first separate off Holzer and Holzer two kinds of linear electric vehicles, common sensor: brake micro switch, brushless motor and switch to Holzer internal components, is transferred to the controller through the sensor, then transfer to a motor controller.
Q:Electric car brushless motor Holzer sensor, Holzer and Holzer without what is the difference?
Brake handle of electric car:The turning signal is the driving signal of the motor rotation of the electric vehicle, and the braking signal is the braking signal of the motor to stop rotating. The electric vehicle standard requires the controller to automatically cut off the power supply to the motor when the brakes are braked. So the electric car should have the brake on the brake handle position sensing element, in a pinch brake action, the brake signal is sent to the controller controller receives the brake signal, immediately stop the power supply to the motor.Brushless motor:Now electric power assisted vehicles generally use the following three kinds of motors: high efficiency low speed rare earth permanent magnet brushless DC motor, high efficiency low speed permanent magnet DC brush motor, high efficiency high speed rare earth permanent magnet DC brush motor.In the course of the rotation of the DC motor, the current in the winding must be continuously changed so that the rotor can rotate in one direction. The motor is used for inverter and brush by mechanical contact and commutation; brushless motor is detected by Hall-sensor signal winding real-time running position, and then processed by the microprocessor or chip of the signal, and the real-time control of the corresponding drive circuit to control the motor winding. The brushless motor commutation is through the sensor and relevant circuit, so the motor has no mechanical contact brush phase and wear and change, do not need to frequently change the brush wearing device, which can effectively improve the service life of the motor, reduce maintenance costs.
Q:Electric motor is good and brush brush is good?
Now there are many tricycles with a brush motor, the power supply voltage of the motor can be very high, because the supply voltage is high, so the current in the case of equal power is small, control circuit is simple, disadvantage is that noise, good sealing, low energy efficiency, regular maintenance.
Q:How to measure the electric motor's good or bad?
Connect to a multimeter. Use a DC voltage of 10 volts, and the red line is connected with the red one. Black, respectively, with three other lines, one at a time, turn the wheel with one hand, angle, the multimeter should have voltage, 4V and 0V change is normal, otherwise it is not normal, and the three are measured in the same way.
Q:Electric car noise!My electric car just won't buy a month,
Normal, because the electric motor is a DC inverter power supply, electric cars now are brushless motor, and click on the material is made of aluminum, in order to shield motor magnetic field, so the use of aluminum shell

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