E-bike Motor 250W 36V, Electric Bike Kit, Spare Parts

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We are professional do e-bike kits business for many years for the customers all over the world, and have met so many troubles, with these troubles, we have much experience on e-bike kits today.


Our e-bike kits are easy to install and allow you to convert your standard bicycle into an fun and eco-friendly e-bike. Since every model is different and components will vary, it's your responsibility to determine the best way to install an electric bike kit on your bike. Although most of the steps are similar from install to install, we have instructions can help the customers to convert their bicycle.

We have build the Europe after-sale service center in Europe to repair the parts including motor, batteries, controller etc, also for the whole ebikes repairing. As one of the pioneer seller for ebikes in china, BTN aims to master clean energy technique, and develop energy-saving and environmental-friendly ebikes.





Our Advantages and Characters

1). Adopted ISO9001 management system strictly control every aspect of production

2). The automation of production to ensure the consistency of product quality

3). Adopt top raw materials lays the foundation for the quality of products

4). Every employee attentively makes each motor



Motor Specifications

Rated Power(W):


Rated Voltage(V)36
Max Speed(rpm):285
Rated Efficiency (%)≥78%
Reduction Ratio: 1:4.35
Over Lock Dimension(mm):100
Spoke Specification: 12G/13G
Cable location:Shaft center,right  
Hall sensor: Optional
Integrate speed sensor: Optional
Limitied Current(A)0.7
Brake type: V/Dics brake
Surface: Silver/Sliver painted/Black/Black painted
Salt fog test(h): 24/96
Water proof Grade: IP54
Certification: ROHS EN15194




1.Which country do you mainly export to?

A: Our products are very popular in Mid East, India, South East Asia, Latin America, Africa.


2.Q: What’s the advantage of you compared with other suppliers experienced in foreign trade?

A:  We have been specialized in FRP products for over decades years and approved by many domestic companies. Except for our quality and price, we’re also able to give you the best service.


3.Q:Can you provide some samples?

A:  Yes, of course. We will send you samples for your confirmation before you place firm orders.

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Q:Electric car Holzer broken, how to repair?
3, before installing the motor, please check Holzer and the motor line again, so as not to rework, and then carefully install the motor. Check again4, first connect with the controller according to the original connection. Without Holzer, you can also change the Holzer free controller to solve the problem.
Q:What are the motors of the three wheel electric cars?
Most of the AC motors do not need commutator slices (brushes), and permanent magnets are not needed. But there are exceptions, such as series motor, series motor generally has two pieces of carbon brush.According to the rotor and stator, one of them has no magnet: permanent magnet motor and series motor, in which the permanent magnet motor is divided into brushless motor and brush motor
Q:What kind of motor is an electric motor?
Commonly used motors are generally permanent magnet motor and induction motor two major categoriesPermanent magnet motor is a brushless DC motor (called DC motors, but the actual work of He Yongci is very close to the synchronous motor, but is driven by square wave instead of a sine wave) He Yongci two low speed synchronous motor, electric bicycle and motorcycle are brushless DC motor for electric vehicles, but usually with permanent magnet synchronous motor (electric vehicle Chinese, and common in Japan before.)
Q:How to check the controller and motor of electric vehicle?
When the brushless controller of the two wheeled electric vehicle is powered on, the input and output voltage of each lead is detected. The two is a thick line power line 48V, three RGB thick line is the main line voltage to the motor is 48V
Q:How to measure an electric motor with a multimeter
Brushless motor has 8 lead, three thick is phase line, five thin is Holzer line, red and black is power supply, yellow green blue is signal output.
Q:Can electric motors generate electricity?
Nowadays, brushless DC motor (BLDC) is commonly used in electric bicycles, and the rotor is the permanent magnet,
Q:The electric vehicle operation, the motor suddenly belch belch two times, then walk away.
Also, are you sure the change controller is good and the voltage is the same?. Second, consider your wiring problem.
Q:Can electric cars need no controllers
Electric cars should not use controllers. Without the controller, the voltage and current of the power supply can not be controlled, and the electric vehicle can not run normally.
Q:What happens when the motor cycle of the electric car is hot for some time?
Suggest going to the repair shop for repairsElectric cars are divided into alternating current electric vehicles and direct current electric vehicles. Generally speaking, electric vehicles use batteries as their energy source, and electrical energy is transformed into mechanical energy by means of controllers, motors and other components
Q:Electric motor heating is what happened?
Even more than 60 degrees, dangerous, the motor enamel line insulation may be changed, causing short circuit, motor burns. If your electric car has not been modified by itself, such as increasing the battery to 60V, or 72V, 84v, etc., or the controller power increase or malfunction, the general motor temperature will not exceed 40 degrees. If the motor is not hot when it is running at high speed, check the cause of the continuous discharge of the high current. One is the power circuit and the controller, and the other is the braking system.

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