Bicycle for traveling with good quality from CNBM China

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Packaging Details:85% SKD 1SET / CTNS 

Bicycle for traveling with good quality from CNBM China

Bicycle for traveling with good quality from CNBM China

MODEL:   29'' DS XMT577M 29



 TIRE:KENDA 29''*2.125,






Bicycle for traveling with good quality from CNBM China

Bicycle for traveling with good quality from CNBM China


1.Many years specilized in bicycle , you will feel more professional and safity 

2.Guanantee your quality and service 

3.Profession trading team manag you order well 

4.Customized styles are accept , prtotection of your sales area ,ideals of design and all your private information

A Professional Manufacturer of Bicycle Parts and Complete Bicycles

We're determined to present our clients individualized services and experiences for ODM/OEM products, with our in-plant technical support and management team. We highlight ourselves by integrating all bicycle parts and painting industrial chains, to continuously ensure and improve our production ability and quality control, from R&D to QA and SCM.


Customized Styles are Accepted

Our bicycle line covers two steel and alloy frame workshops, one suspension workshop, four painting workshops and seven assembly workshops, which make sure we can professionally supply our clients with customized styles including modern, European, American and Chinese classic styles.


Work with Us Today

During these years of innovation and development, we are the first manufacturer in this area linking theory of lean-production and flexible-production with practice. We look forward to working with you. Call now.

Q:How much speed do ordinary people ride on bicycles?
Normal GG 20 or so, male cock wire 20-30, male 30 below. I usually 33, the highest 48 top 62 downhill road, is a guy!!
Q:How to teach children to learn bicycles
Once the child learn to glide for a long time without landing feet, can walk straight, you can encourage children to learn, and turn turn curve slide, learn to grasp the direction, and learn as adults -- the new password at any time parking cyclists often panic at the crucial moment and forget to use the brakes! To be on the safe side, the brakes are just as important as riding.ThreeChildren on the ground to balance, grasp the direction and braking are more skilled, you can practice "downhill slide", to significantly increase the distance to glide. Find a more gentle slope, let the child cart uphill, slide down from high, start from short distance, gradually increase the height of the slope on the slope and downhill glide distance. After sliding so many times, ask the child to learn how to use the brakes to slow down and stop when he's down, and teach him to pay attention to the safety of the downhill, not the front brakes. At this point, the children have been very confident, and interest is greatly improved, adults as long as the attention to the surrounding vehicles, responsible for safety, and then slightly to the child pointing one or two on the line.
Q:The detailed description of a bicycle ride
If the child, the best 24 small bicycle, no middle beam, can be hands on the faucet, straddled on the middle of the bike, the bike will be left in the two sides, the treadle forward to the state level, left foot, right foot and body, fast light on the right foot treadle, body straight, don't sit on the seat, it can better control center caused by shaking around, let slip control tap, bicycle front, practicing several times, feeling able to control, the right foot slowly Afterburner
Q:What equipment do you need to travel by bike (detailed)?
Full course budget * * 35 day travel time *(two) preparation stage: (to think of) you are to travel and experience life. All simple items carried by. )New light road bike, worth about 500 yuan (with steel wire lock and U shape lock each), has been debugged; a cheap backpack, 30 yuan;A camera that can be borrowed from a friend or used at home, but of good quality;4 rolls, 70 yuan;Repair tools: multi wrench pincers, (steel skins), with a small screwdriver and a steel wire;A small flashlight, rope (himself a tough one,);Single blade, lighter each two;Standby: drug hemostasis, Baoji pills, Kangtaike, Tiger Balm, bonesetting water and so on, still standing cool granules;A motorcycle raincoat, 30 yuan;
Q:Buy a scooter (the basic entry-level mountain bike)
In fact, there are 500 points in Tim, buy a Giant the most cost-effective entry mountain bike! 618 yuan Giant ctx26. Sichuan store in Mianyang to sell, you do not know where there is no ctx26,
Q:What are the average speeds of bicycles and electric cars?
Walk 5 kilometers / hourOrdinary bicycle 15 km / h, electric vehicle 30~35 km / h
Q:What's the difference between a bicycle shaped tube and a round tube? Do you see that the frame is round or round? See the frame is flat, it is shaped tube? Which is good?
It's not round, it's all shaped tubes.City running doesn't care if it's shaped, you don't know how big it is to ride.
Q:What's the difference between a woman and a bicycle?
One night ride, one ride during the day. A ride at home, a ride out
Q:How much do you charge for public bicycles in Yiwu?
How to carry out public bike by, operation by car: 1, will be placed in the public bicycle Capim bicycle lock card effective distance; 2, hear the voice prompt Please take the car ", in 20 seconds to pull the car, is to borrow the car successfully. The car: 1, public bicycle lock into the stable, ensure that the vehicle is locked; 2, the bicycle Capim on lock effective credit card within a distance of about 5 seconds, hear the voice prompt "please press" after the card back, then heard that "the car has been good, thank you" is also the success of the car.
Q:Bicycles do not let the highway, how to ride provinces? Can I take the national road? Please master detailed description, it is best to cite an example, starting from Harbin is the best.
To the plateau or mountain gravel more will buy bike frame structure but also the pursuit of stability, the tire width and pattern thick, good grip, strong antiskid property, ensure safety in mountain biking.

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