Bicycle for traveling with good quality from CNBM China

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Packaging Details:85% SKD 1SET / CTNS 

Bicycle for traveling with good quality from CNBM China

Bicycle for traveling with good quality from CNBM China

MODEL:   29'' DS XMT577M 29



 TIRE:KENDA 29''*2.125,






Bicycle for traveling with good quality from CNBM China

Bicycle for traveling with good quality from CNBM China


1.Many years specilized in bicycle , you will feel more professional and safity 

2.Guanantee your quality and service 

3.Profession trading team manag you order well 

4.Customized styles are accept , prtotection of your sales area ,ideals of design and all your private information

A Professional Manufacturer of Bicycle Parts and Complete Bicycles

We're determined to present our clients individualized services and experiences for ODM/OEM products, with our in-plant technical support and management team. We highlight ourselves by integrating all bicycle parts and painting industrial chains, to continuously ensure and improve our production ability and quality control, from R&D to QA and SCM.


Customized Styles are Accepted

Our bicycle line covers two steel and alloy frame workshops, one suspension workshop, four painting workshops and seven assembly workshops, which make sure we can professionally supply our clients with customized styles including modern, European, American and Chinese classic styles.


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During these years of innovation and development, we are the first manufacturer in this area linking theory of lean-production and flexible-production with practice. We look forward to working with you. Call now.

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Q:What kind of bike is chosen for long distance travel?
If you carry more than 10KG, you must have a back shelf and a camel bag, because a long weight cycling can hurt your waist and back.It's better to have a mountain bike with a fender, because the plastic fender is not working well. It doesn't work when the water is too much.Give you a reference to it, you can go to look at Giant Hunter 1, probably in this way, choose a good love you
Q:Bike riding on the way to work falls, is not considered work-related injuries?
On the way to work can be identified as work-related injuries. Only one, is to see whether the accident is the main responsibility of the staff, if the traffic police department issued a traffic accident responsibility confirmation that the accident is not the main responsibility of the employee (the employee negative secondary responsibility or equal responsibility)
Q:When did bicycles begin to appear in China?
Qing DynastyTongzhi seven years (1868) in November, Shanghai for the first time by bike is shipped to Europe, people sitting in the car, the feet stand leading car and entertainment entertainment vehicle.Tongzhi thirteen years (1874), the French Mira from Japan to the human vehicle transported to Shanghai, the car is called the "Oriental car", because of its color is yellow, also called "rickshaw", become a means of transport. Subsequently, the Shanghai started the repair, renting and selling of rickshaws
Q:What's the reverse bike?
The vehicle is not to see the brake handle (looks like a dead fly like a bicycle), but it is not the same with the dead fly on the back foot is the brake (drum is completely after special).
Q:What's the good of cycling?
3, cycling can also prevent high blood pressure, sometimes more effective than drugs. It also prevents obesity, hardening of the blood vessels and strong bones. Cycling keeps you from using drugs to keep you healthy, and without any harm.4, cycling is a tool for weight loss, according to statistics, 75 kg weight person, 9 miles per hour speed, riding 73 miles, you can reduce half a kilogram of weight, but must persevere every day.
Q:Bicycle race rules When the field cycling race started,
The competitors will enter the 200 meter time trial through the qualifying competition. Then, according to the qualifying results of the athletes, the teams are arranged in groups. Each team will ride 3 laps on the 250 meter field. The game by the starter of the whistle, the players arrive at the end point to in order to determine the outcome of the game.
Q:Common speed free bicycle speed
3, 24 inches of bicycles, the average per hour can reach 10~14 km.
Q:Bike brake, which one is good?
The disc is metal disc (usually made of steel, high-grade and Aluminum Alloy system) and a friction brake disc brake friction brake, this is very strong, and is similar to that of automobile and high-end motorcycle characteristics is not affected by the rain and bad weather conditions, because the disc brake friction pieces is sintered metal material so, the steel sheet friction, even if it is rainy, and mud under the condition of the work situation is still good, the braking force decreases obviously, but stronger than V and Aluminum Alloy rim brake rubber friction. Because there is brake disc is made of steel, and usually with a hole in the continuous downhill braking process decays with increasing heat better than V brake
Q:Ask an expert about bicycles. What brand is this car?
Specific is not easy to say, because this car on the market rarely. From the configuration point of view, the price is more than 1 thousand.
Q:In the event of a match, the referee may fire two shots to stop the match:(1) fall;(2) flat tire;(3) the main parts of the car are broken.But the result of the competition will be decided by the referee according to the actual situation.
In 1888, the Irish vet Dunlop, get inspiration from bovine stomach expansion treatment, his home in the garden for watering rubber tube into a round stick, up, mounted on bicycle wheels, to participate in the cycling race, even among the best, has aroused great interest. Pneumatic tire is a bicycle history landmark initiative, it increases the bicycle elasticity, not because of the uneven pavement and vibration; we can greatly improve the driving speed, increasing friction force between the wheels and the road. In this way, the riding performance of the bicycle is fundamentally changed, and the use function of the bicycle is perfected.Also in 1888, the city of Coventry, John.K. stahly produced the first modern car bicycle -- "safe" bicycle. Its main feature is the use of diamond frame structure, so that the body has higher stiffness and strength, the rear wheel chain driven, and through the front fork to direct the direction.

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