Children 3 wheels Bicycle Toddler Foldable Tricycle 3 wheels

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Product Description:

Product size :66*48*52CM

Single package size :40*38*30CM

Folding size :54*38*35CM

Seat size: 11.75"/30CM x 5.5"/14CM

Weight: about 5.3kg,

Maximum load-bearing:25kg, the proposed 80CM-120CM children use.


The low seat height of this toddler tricycle reduces the risk of injury by keeping feet and frame low to the ground, ensuring balance and coordination for beginners. And the EVA quick release foam wheel offers fully enclosed secure riding.

This kids tricycle is equipped EVA quick release foam wheel is easy to install and remove, which provides enough convenience for storage and makes it easier when outing.

The basket in front of the toddler trike can store sundries. The foldable frame and handlebar provide convenient conditions for easy portability, whether going out or storing, it is no longer troublesome.

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Q:What do you mean, what bike?
This is the shopping time, see the cabbage price, there is nothing else to abandon.
Q:How to teach children to learn bicycles
OneThe most difficult thing about novice cyclists is how to balance them. So the children learn to ride on the bus and not fall down, even if they succeed most of them! With a wrench (to be flat), remove the two pedals of the bike (pay attention to the direction of the thread, and the threads of the ---2 pedals are opposite). If the rear of both sides of the car to prevent falling small wheels, but also removed, you must use only two wheels bike. Lower your seat so that the child's feet fall naturally. It is better to use a rubber band or rope to tie the legs of the leg in case it is removed and the arm of the foot is hooked. Choose a flat ground, the child sitting on the seat, every time you start, feet on the ground a few pedal, the car up, lift your legs, as far as possible to extend the taxi time, as far as possible in a straight line, understand balance skills. As the saddle is lowered and sliding on both feet, the speed is slow. Even if the car is going to fall, the child can easily pedal on both feet, or stop and stop. There is no need for adults to hold it. Moreover, the more adults hold, the more nervous the child, the more difficult it is to find a sense of balance.
Q:Average speed of bicycle in the tour de France Rally
The time average velocity stage leading driver will reach about 50km/h, the driver of some personal TT speed difference is more, related to the different characteristics and different riders in the tour de France stage of course, riding out of 50km/h's TT speed is the top TT players, to indoor venues will ride faster results.
Q:What's the difference between a bicycle and a bicycle?
Bicycles are the name for bicycles in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. They are like motorcycles before. They are also called motorcycles.
Q:Why should the tire of the bicycle be inflated?
Because a round object rolls quickly. The tires of the bicycle are inflated, the tires bulge, the wheels roll, and the ride is resilient, even if the road is rough.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of folding bicycles?
I personally like the American riding home JAVA folding bike FIT-8S-DEach one has its own favorite place, and so do i.,
Q:Now thousands of bike materials are very light, what advantages and disadvantages of this material?
Now the mainstream is aluminum alloy and carbon fiber and titanium alloy. Aluminum alloy has the advantages of light weight, high strength and low price, but its toughness is not good. In the downhill or high intensity competition, the toughness is not enough, and it is not safe and is not conducive to the challenge level.
Q:Why do people keep their balance when riding a bicycle?
The rotation of the wheel, the "bicycle is not easy to pour" role can not be ignored.Discussion there is an opinion that the bicycle does not fall, because the rider is tilted in the car, unconsciously the handlebar to tilt the direction of rotation, the car curve movement to the tilt direction, resulting in a centrifugal force in the center of gravity of the centrifugal force relative to the ground pivot moment the car does not fall. This explanation is reasonable for the translational motion of a bicycle. But this view ignores the role of wheel rotation. So, does the turn of the wheel make any difference to the bicycle? We assume that the wheels are braked to allow skilled riders to ride on them, and the idea is to reduce the friction between the wheel and the ground, make it easy to slide, and then drag the bike along with the additional equipment without obstruction
Q:Bike kit I'd like a bike that can go long distance,
Including the suite of things is not fixed, can be any combination, but generally known as kit generally includes the following components: before / after / dial dial dial (or turn or double control) / flywheel / chain / wheel / brake (or V or disc or clamp) / drum (or wheel group). A small suite generally refers to: before / after / dial dial dial. The transmission suite you said not heard, is probably a small suite.
Q:What is the speed of an ordinary man's bicycle?
The average person rides a small (folding) folding bicycle with a variable speed of 15-20 kilometers per hour

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