Tricycle Baby Bicycle Putter Simple Bicycle for Kids

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Full length: 66CM,

Handlebar width: 35CM,

Handlebar height: 47CM

Seat height: 27CM

Product weight: 5KG

Product color: white, yellow, red,

Product material: car skeleton - iron, wheel - synthetic resin


1. High quality non-slip grip, specially designed for children, more in line with the way small hands grasp.

2. Non-slip tire, environmental protection foam non-slip tire, maintenance free design, make baby's riding more safe and reliable.

3.Comfortable seat, humanized growth principle design, so that the baby's riding more safe and reliable.

4. Big basket, thick encrypted steel welding production, increase the space design, place baby toys, convenient and practical.

5. High carbon steel frame, made of the latest thickened steel, environmental protection and beautiful paint, highlight the excellent quality.

6. Anti-slip serrated foot, serrated foot surface evenly distributed, increase friction, avoid sliding in the process of cycling.

Q:What is the width of the two lane bike?
The width of each lane of the bicycle path should be 1m, and the width of the side clearance should be added 0.25m by the side of the road and the separated Lane
Q:Who invented the bicycle? In what year was it invented?
In 1817 the Germans began making delaisse Mulun car, like Siv Lark almost. However, with a control direction in front of the car handle, can change the direction. But still want to ride with two feet, about a stamped on the ground, in order to promote the car rolled forward, he claimed to be: Pony cub. So the German Baron Carle de rais became generally accepted bike inventor.
Q:My bike was stolen. I didn't have it before. I just wanted to steal oneDon't make any sense to me. I just want to hear what punishment I'm going to get
Stealing bicycles, whether for personal use or for sale, is theft. It depends on how much money you stole.If cheap security detention, fines and restitution was lost.If more than 500 yuan (the minimum standards vary), it may be sentenced to public prosecution, then your theft is generally 3 years of fixed-term imprisonment or criminal detention (1~6 months) or the control, or impose fines (possibly thousands of dollars).Of course, you can get even higher, depending on how many times you stole it and how much you stole.Supplementary: criminal penalties and issued a verdict of public security penalties will enter the file, and in theory, should also inform units and schools (public security may be able to accommodate some). The public security punishment has little effect on the files. After the criminal punishment, some civil servants and judges can not do anything.
Q:Our school lost the car too seriously, tens of thousands of people on the average school lost one, and even someone lost 7, 8! I lost my car today, too. Too sad, want to buy a camera, aunt to help find evidence. The question is how long will it take to get even?. Aunt said to know who is suspicious, often come around. And how much does a monitor usually cost?! Thank you
Interpretation of the Supreme People's court and the Supreme People's Procuratorate on Several Issues concerning the application of law in handling criminal cases involving theftThe first theft of public or private property worth one thousand yuan to three thousand yuan, thirty thousand yuan to one hundred thousand yuan, three hundred thousand yuan to five hundred thousand yuan, it shall be deemed as criminal law provisions of article 264th of the "large amount", "huge amount", "huge amount". All provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Supreme People's court and the people's procuratorate according to the situation of economic development in the region, and to consider the social security situation, in the range of the amount specified in the preceding paragraph, to determine the specific amount of the standard implementation of the region, reported to the Supreme People's court and the Supreme People's Procuratorate approved.
Q:What's the reverse bike?
But the real dead fly bike (track) is not the case, it is really no brakes, it is possible to ride back after the drum and the chain wheel (it is bound, synchronization,
Q:Growing up, I learned how to ride a bike
You have a successful experience? If you have, then you will know that success can bring joy and happiness to people, increase our confidence and pride. Of course, I also had a successful experience that I learned to ride a bicycle.
Q:It's good to walk and ride a bike
Walking advantage: not grinding the buttocks, wrist, neck, acid,Disadvantages: wear knee joints and spine joints.
Q:What's the difference between a bicycle pump and a bicycle?
The cylinder of basketball is different, it is long and thin, it can be played by inserting. The air mouth of a bicycle is round and rough and needs to be played outside.Using an adjustable pump, you can hit two things separately.
Q:I want to get a bike that can go long distance. I hope everyone will give advice. First of all, what kind of frame should be chosen, and what is the speed change kit for two? Is SCRM or Shimano appropriate? In addition, the Shimano deore LX suite is not suitable for running long distances. What does the package include? How much is the kit altogether? How much is the drive kit? What else should I pay attention to? As long as the answer is more appropriate and accurate, you must give a reward of 50 points!
(hereinafter speaking, it is applicable to all parts of bicycle transmission system parts)(to correct you. That's SRAM, not SCRM.)Bicycle kit is a brand of the same specifications of the transmission / transmission system, because they are the same level, with each other reasonable, so together to use more reasonable, together to sell called kits
Q:How much is the cheapest one for a death bike?
Dead fly is not cheap, cheap, certainly not dead fly,!!!God car, under the banner of "dead fly", shouted 299399 packs of mail, bought you regret it. Really dead fly, in fact, you are in the assembly, businesses help you on behalf of the processing. "No matter how you look, you should know more about how to fly a few moving parts. The real secret is here, brother."Dead fly, did not say which brand is good, is dead flies, has a characteristic, may ride backwards. Do not fall, ride is live fly.

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