Children's Tricycle Baby Kids Tricycle 3 colors

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Baby stroller wheel type: EVA air-free foaming wheel

Color: Lemon Yellow/Fresh Green/Silver

Applicable age: 3-6 years old

Function: pedal

Material: steel pipe

With or without storage basket: Yes

Product Weight: 4 Kg

Product Size:54*66*50CM

Q:How to use the bike?Usually two keys, the one on my right, that's the switch
That should be the induction head and the magnet on the spokes are too far away or the position is wrong, just a little closer, and other stops should appear less
Q:I bought a used bike, but the seller said the receipt could not be found. Could you write a receipt for me? Is this receipt valid? How do you write it? More details, thank you.When he bought the car, he couldn't find the receipt. He wanted to write me a note.
receiptI sell my licensed bicycle of this name (a few new) and sell it to someone. Of goods and payments.
Q:The basic problem of mechanical design is why bicycles are not machines, but institutions
Machines are made up of various institutions that can perform energy conversion or do useful work, such as internal combustion engines, planer, etc.
Q:What's the difference between a bicycle and a bicycle?
The two are a means of transportation, different places called different. But they're all bikes. Bikes and bicycles are called bicycles. Bicycles are commonly used in foreign countries. Bicycles are the traditional Chinese name.
Q:A book on road bike knowledge, describing the specific knowledge of the components of the road vehicle.
First of all, the most important is the idea that the road cars in the world, need a lot of "choice" (tradeoff), that is to say, a good many times, no two, must make choices according to their own situation, nobody can tell you the answer. Brother, the text will always appear "tradeoff" this keyword.
Q:What bike is the lightest?
Relatively light ~ there are high-end carbon fiber shelf ~ super invincible light ~ but the price is very expensive ~ carbon fiber cars are generally tens of thousands
Q:It's easier to understand the components of a road bike!
See how much you want to configure, and the parts will be checked out
Q:Is the frame of mountain bike good for carbon steel or aluminum alloy? (Xie Xie)
3, because of steel products, welding, and processing means more than Aluminum Alloy, so steel "accidental" (such as the possibility of Anshang weld) than aluminum frame.Of course, is Aluminum Alloy frame advantage: light weight (but only slightly heavy chrome molybdenum steel 5% ~ 10%); good corrosion resistance (Cr Mo steel components compared to stainless steel, anti rust capability is obviously better than that of carbon steel and low steel)
Q:What is the speed of an ordinary man's bicycle?
The average person rides an ordinary, variable speed bicycle that travels at 12-20 kilometers per hour
Q:Why is the venue for the field cycling tournament oblique?
From the scene to watch, sprint class time of 1/1000 seconds, the players only in the gap between the least bit. It is this kind of competition and speed that makes the competition particularly exciting and exciting, and it is especially attractive to the audience. No exaggeration to say that the foreign audience sprint class, the whole process is deep concentration, all of the attention in the game." Li Jun says. When the players rushed through the finishing line, the audience was given a big round of applause. At the same time as the class driver in sprint, with fast speed, the players a little careless, wrong judgment or action is not in place, it will crash injured. So when the driver gets up and goes on the road, the audience should give the most enthusiastic applause to the driver.The time trial match belongs to the match which is started in situ. When the athlete starts, he must concentrate on listening to the countdown and electronic prompt. Therefore, if the audience is noisy before the athlete starts, will disturb athlete's attention, causes them to delay the departure time, affects the competition result.

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