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This tricycle is the perfect way to introduce your child to balance and coordination. It is made with a heavy frame and comfortable seat for children to feel secure while riding. Strong wheels are stylish and long-lasting. This helps to soak up the vibrations from the roads. The wheels and anti-slip handle add to the comfort and safety of the child.


Product material: High carbon steel、PP、PE

Color: pink, blue, red

Net weight of product: 3KG

Product size: 45 * 42 * 67CM



• The kids tri-cycle is equipped with a storage basket and a bell to keep the child entertained with his recent toy

• Material: this baby tricycle is made up of non-toxic harmless plastic for kids of age2 -5 years suitable for both boys and girls

• Comfort seat - your baby will have the most ride with safety so that you don't need to worry for your little one

• This is equipped with the bell on the handle bar that make fun for your little boy / girl while cycling

• It is designed for outdoor and indoor usage

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