40FT Cement Shipping Tank Container for Storing Fuel and Gas

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Our 40FT Cement Shipping Tank Container for Storing Fuel and Gas is ideal for:

Tank containers series mainly used for transportation and storage of chemical liquid products and oil products, because it can be stack up placced, so that, widely used in ware house, and other industries.

Tank container is a pressure vessel mounted in a frame. Frame dimensions comply with the recommendations of the International Standards Organization (ISO). The unit is designed and constructed in accordance with strict international codes for the worldwide carriage of bulk liquids on land, rail and water.

Tank containers are made of stainless steel AISI 316. Tanks are classified according to the specifications of tank shell and fittings. It is this classification that determines what type of product may be carried.

Technical Characteristis:

1. In accordance with ISO standard, international shipping import/export standard.

2. Light weight, multiple liquid carry kinds, long service life, easy clean and maintenance.

3. The 3-5 floor height stacking storage is a great space saver in warehouse.

Tank Container:

Tank: insulation tank/ non-insulation tank/ plastic tank/ pressured vessel

Size: 20ft tank container/ 20ft tank container (C3 pressure vesell)/ 30ft tank container/ 40ft tank container

Item Overall dimensionFull capacityTank material
20ft round or square6058*2438*2591mm20-26m3Carbon-steel,SUS
20ft LPG6058*2438*2591mm24m316MnDR


Product Pinctures:

40FT Cement Shipping Tank Container for Storing Fuel and Gas

40FT Cement Shipping Tank Container for Storing Fuel and Gas

40FT Cement Shipping Tank Container for Storing Fuel and Gas


Q1:What is MOQ of the tank container?

A: 1 set.

Q2: How may types of the tank contaciner?

A: Tank: insulation tank/ non-insulation tank/ plastic tank/ pressured vessel

Size: 20ft tank container/ 20ft tank container (C3 pressure vesell)/ 30ft tank container/ 40ft tank container

Q:How much is the container weight limit at 20 feet and 40 feet?
The 20 foot flat bottomed container: product of 5.85M*2.23M*2.15M distribution is generally 23 tons gross weight, volume of 28 cubic meters.The 40 foot flat bottomed container: product of 12.05M*2.12M*1.96M distribution is generally 36 tons gross weight, volume of 50 cubic meters
Q:How much is 45 feet container TEU?
TEU, twentyfoot, equivalent, unit standard containers (the container volume statistics unit, with 20 feet long container as standard), 45 feet container is equivalent to 2.25 standard boxes
Q:Does anyone know the number of shafts for a container truck? How many tons will it be able to bear and how many tons will it bear? Accurate data, please
First determine the container weight, countries have different provisions on the loading of containers, different containers of different loading standards are different. We are designed according to the standard 40 foot container, with a maximum load of 26 tons, a deadweight of about 4 tons, and a maximum gross weight of 30 tons to analyze your problem.China's production of heavy truck front axle shaft can be reached 6.5 tons, rear axle can be reached 13 tons, while the national transportation department under the maximum vehicle axle load cannot exceed 10 tons. That is, the total weight of the traction head plus the carriage plus the container shall be distributed on each axle with a maximum weight not exceeding 10 tons, in order to calculate the number of axles required, and the front axle is preferably no more than 6 tons.
Q:First, container signs, TCNU916745, 45G1. What does 45G1 mean? Two. What does a T54 on a tank container mean? Three, container side marked i/c 33, what does that mean? 2,6m8`6 "what does that mean?" Four. What does the container side 76.4CU.M 2700CU.FT mean? Five, CAL, XINES, BEACON, CAPITAL, COLD, XINES, CVC, WSD, DONGFANG, UES, LOTUS, TRITON, we can help count how much, thank you
Three, "i/c 33" means the Railway General box, "2,6m8`6" stands for the box height, and the two measurement unit is 2.6 meters or 8ft6inFour, "76.4CU.M 2700CU.FT" means the internal volume of containers, two units of measurement, "CU.M" cubic meters, "700CU.FT" cubic feet
Q:How many hours are the overtime hours after the container arrives at the factory?. What's the extra time charge?
The normal situation is a large cabinet for 3 hours, 4 hours. More than an hour, 100 yuan
Q:What is the import port in the container?
In the early stage of container transportation, the structure and specifications of containers are different,ContainerAffected the international circulation of containers, it is urgent to establish international standards for container to facilitate the development of container transportation
Q:What is the height, width and height of a high cabinet?
Inside diameter: length 12.03M, width 2.35M, height 2.69MOutside diameter: length 12.19M, width 2.44M, high 2.90M
Q:Are the main codes of the container fourth? U? What if they are not shipped by sea? What are the codes for air and land transportation?
The first part, I'm sure it's U.. I really don't know about sea freight or air freight.. I guess not. Maersk doesn't do air transportation anyway
Q:What are the container materials?
Container material can be divided into three kinds:(L) aluminum alloy container has the advantages of light weight, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, good elasticity, convenient processing, low processing cost, low repair cost and long service life. The disadvantage is high cost and poor welding performance;
Q:What is the size of the standard container?
At present, the international commonly used dry container (DRYCONTAINER) has:The outer dimensions are 20x8x8 ft 6 inches, referred to as 20 foot containers;40x8x8 feet 6 inches, referred to as 40 feet container;

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