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still have flames comin out of bottom of boiler checked the pipin all is clear, there is some soot inside boiler tho could this be reason for blockage? can feel draft thru pipe goin up chimey and feel heat comin out of removed top pipe of boiler, donrtt worry have pellet burner for secondary heat source. laid off so tryin to solve prob myself. have a valve for gas shut off on furnace when i choke off gas to furnace of course flames stay inside furnace and return to proper blue color, is there regulator as part of the pilot lghter gas valve?
Larry sorry to hear you still have a problem. It still sounds as if the boiler is clogged between the sections. You have already removed the flue pipe off the top. Next remove the top of the jacket then the flue Collar remove all the burners and put a drop light under the should be able to see down between the sections. a long bottle brush is best for cleaning between the sections. Be careful when putting the boiler back together. This a gas boiler and if you are not sure don't do it. P.S. Thank you for the high rratingI hope this helps and again be careful. this is very dangerous.
What is the role of sodium chloride in the boiler
Scale heat conduction capacity is relatively poor, it hinders the heat to the hot water conduction, increased energy consumption.
Related to commercial building inspections.
Boilers usually found in basements or auxiliary equipment buildings. They are found where hot water or steam is used to provide heat (rather than hot air.) Boilers in buildings are usually low pressure and thus lower risk than power boilers found in electric generating plants and locomotives and boats. A boiler can heat water and send it out as hot water or it can heat water to steam and send it out as steam which condenses and gives up heat to the room and the water drains back down to the boiler for reheating. If a boiler heats a large amount of water, there is a risk of a large amount of energy being in the water available for steam explosions. Therefore, a flash boiler is sometimes used where only enough water is admitted to the boiler to be flashed to steam to meet needs. The former boiler (water) operates at lower pressure and temperature since the tubes are full of water at the boiling point at what ever pressure the system operates at while the later (flash steam) has hot tubes (at least several hundred degrees higher).
and what point should the gauge turn to?
You don't say whether you have a hot water or steam heat system. Also without knowing what your set up is makes it difficult to give you a good answer. If steam, you definitely DO NOT want to fill the radiators. Your best bet would be to have a licensed technician come in and get you properly set up.
The previous owners never left a manual or anything and I can't find this info on the website or anywhere. I'd rather not call out a tech if I don't have to.
Yup, assuming that the boiler is in the basement, 12-15 is good. If you have a two story home, you may want to boost it to 15-18.
what is the difference between a boiler and water heater?? are they the same?
Water Heaters Are Steel Tanks That are Glass lined for Heating Potable water Usallly About 45,000 btu. Boilers are Made Of either castiron or copper for heating water or turning water into steam and are low pressure and have Higher btu values.
Hello, I just got a new eco boiler, and am trying to work out what would be the cheapest way to run it. There is 2 of us in the house and it takes 1 hour to heat the boiler for showers for both and plenty for washing up. The boiler doesn't have any outside insulation but it is 27+ degrees room temp here, so what do you think? 24 hours keeping the heat all day and switching it's self on and off. We really don't need hot water all day long. Or 1 hour a day running constant? Cheers :)
Your boiler will burn more energy running on demand from cold starts, than it will maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the day. Some types sold in the US have a vacation setting that will prevent it from cycling while away, but this option should really only be used if you will be gone for a long time. I'll assume the 27 dg room temperature is Celcius and not Fahrenheit, which doesn't matter too much however your boiler will operate more efficiently if it has an insulating jacket for cold days. If you insulate it the boiler won't have to cycle as often. Not sure about eco-boiler if it's the type that employs a tank or has a coiled heat exchanger, and if so may not require an insulating jacket. These types of boilers are already engineered to be efficient appliances so you'll do yourself a favor by letting it work on it's own and not turning it off while you're away.
Any help appreciated. The gas meter is open and working fine. Boiler shows f1 fault code for no burner ignition tried holding reset button as suggested in online manual but it can't ignite and just flashes blue with F1 after about 30 seconds and 3 attempts to ignite. Any idea on how else to fix this or what could be wrong. No hot water or heating :( Thanks!
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