Kids/Baby Pram 3 Wheel with Handles Double Seats Tricycle

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Product Name: kids pedal tricycle with double seats

Color: red, black

Material: Metal frame

Wheels: EVA tire

Decoration: Push Handle, basket, Mudguard

Package : piece into one carton

Function: Forward

Q:How much speed do ordinary people ride on bicycles?
It's difficult to keep it for about 30. Longer time (more than one hour) is more appropriate for 22km/h. If that's the average city car, 20 is the most. The mountain bike hasn't been ridden, but it should be a little less than the road car. Although sometimes can be very fast but the time is not too long, but also to see the road, if the rugged 10km/h below, it especially downhill slopes, the last watch to 50, very scary
Q:What do you mean, what bike?
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Q:How to strengthen the management of electric bicycles
(two) because of some electric bicycle manufacturers cater to consumer psychology, the electric bicycle is motorized trend, speed can even reach 40 kilometers per hour, compared with the ordinary bicycle speed is greatly improved, the electric bicycle rider with its speed advantage in non motorized vehicles on the exercise, is easy with the bicycle, pedestrian collision; because the electric bicycle speed is relatively high, will increase the braking distance of the case when (the braking distance than ordinary bike at least more than 3 meters), will undoubtedly increase the security risks. The electric bicycle can not buy insurance, once the major traffic accidents, accident damage compensation will become a problem, if you do not take effective measures as soon as possible, it will bring more difficulties to the traffic management work, pay a higher price.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of riding a bicycle for a long time?
3, cycling can also prevent high blood pressure, sometimes more effective than drugs. It also prevents obesity, hardening of the blood vessels and strong bones. Cycling keeps you from using drugs to keep you healthy, and without any harm.4, cycling is a tool for weight loss, according to statistics, 75 kg weight person, 9 miles per hour speed, riding 73 miles, you can reduce half a kilogram of weight, but must persevere every day.5, cycling can not only lose weight, but also make your body more symmetrical and charming. People who lose weight by exercise or exercise while dieting are better and more attractive than people who rely on dieting alone. I don't know how to describe the "more attractive", but in fact, the movement caused by strong muscles, small ankle and cycling in the practice, a gaunt, veins than dieting, always pretty much! Proper exercise produces a hormone that makes you open and pleasant. From experience, we know that cycling can produce this hormone.
Q:What's the fastest speed for indoor cycling?
The men's cycling indoor venues project is divided into: 1 km race, sprint (3 laps), 4000 meters, 4000 meters race team pursuit, points race, Olympic sprint, Keirin race, Madison
Q:Bicycles do not let the highway, how to ride provinces? Can I take the national road? Please master detailed description, it is best to cite an example, starting from Harbin is the best.
To the plateau or mountain gravel more will buy bike frame structure but also the pursuit of stability, the tire width and pattern thick, good grip, strong antiskid property, ensure safety in mountain biking.
Q:How do I wash the oil on the bike chain?
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Q:How do I wash the oil on the bike chain?
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Q:How much is the cheapest one for a death bike?
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Q:I saw someone on the street riding a bicycle without brakes. It was on the back of the flywheel. I saw it on TV. Does anyone know this kind of bike?
It can travel quickly in the city, and the price is low, but also requires a certain riding skills, the general thief can not steal. These features made it popular among couriers in Britain, America and other countries, and became a street culture. Die cars, concise style, retro style, both modern and classical, so it was respected by the fashion industry, many fashion people used as a means of daily transportation. Major bicycle brands have also followed up, developing and promoting the types of dead speed cars, making them popular in the public and becoming the most popular bicycle style in the city. Pure death speed requires a certain technology, and dangerous, so these manufacturers to develop products, is dead and live fly dual-use, and equipped with brakes, to ensure safety. Later, the death drive to Tokyo, Japan, in the tide of Godfather Teng Yuan Hao packaging and promotion, evolved into a fashion trend with fashion, become the main force of tide culture. Its accessories are simple, young people can freely change the different colors and styles of accessories, assemble their own style. Riding requires some skills, and can play tricks, so that the death car is more fashionable and fun!

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