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is a thermometer the same temperature as the air in a sunny day?
The trick to speed bumps is to brake before you get to them until you're just barely moving, then take your foot off the brake and let the idle speed of the car carry you over the bump. Don't go over the bumps a tire at a time. That may save your car, but it will wreak havoc on your spine!
i need to write a chemistry on the theme safety in the lab and i really need help..i need to know which chemicals are dangerous, wat are the consequences, how to store those chemicals and work withe them, the first aid when someone gets hurt (include: bases ,acids, salts, gasses, metals..)please help me, give some links and thanks
Sounds like the ignition lock cylinder is faulty. That is the part you insert the key into to start the van. The ignition switch is the part the lock cylinder turns to make the van run.
I am a punky/emo/gothic/scene/alternative kinda person, and I would just like some ideas on customizing my normal clothes to make them more my style :) Best answer will be awarded as usual.
it,s probably just gotten rusty inside of it,,this happens,,try some w-d 40 in it to loosen it up,,and see if that help,s,,if it does put a little graphite in it to keep it working good if that doesn't help,,your locks may be getting worn out,,i had one working on it,,and only one door would work on it,,the key was almost worn out,,because it had been used so many times,,other than this ,,you may have to fins some good used locks at a used auto parts place,,that have a key with them,, i hope this help,s.
Last night around 3, the smoke detector battery was dying, so I got up to change it and realized that I was out of batteries. I took the entire thing out of the wall because it kept beeping. I'm going after work to get a new battery. Is it illegal for me to do that?
You ask AND answer your own questionsmultiple personalities ?
Despite the fact that they have several parking spots free, and not to mention several grass areas empty, they keep parking in front of the only fire hydrant that could save many building (and lives?) Is it okay to leave a note on there car politely asking them not to park there as it is against the law? And if they refuse, what number would I call?
Get serious. The management company is no more responsible than are you, for HITTING the boulder. Learn to watch where you are going. The obstacle was marked for safety, and you ignored the markings.
how do you make bio diesel?
A *Note: Stant gas caps are manufactured to OEM specs and there are no gas caps of finer quality. Not even FRAM! If there is a Stant gas cap listed for your vehicle then it WILL NOT leak evaporative emissions and trigger the check engine light unless you do not tighten it. And the only difference between Stant's standard ratchet action non-locking OEM gas cap and their locking gas caps is the lock mechanism which disables the reverse ratchet catch to prevent the cap from being unscrewed. If you tried a Stant locking gas cap and it triggered your check engine light then you did not tighten it or it was NOT the Stant cap listed for your vehicle. Stant caps have hard plastic threads and will draw down tight and not give. Lesser quality caps have softer threads which tend to give and that can loosen the seal and cause a problem on vehicles with a more sensitive MIL, such as those manufactured to meet California emission standards.
What do you do?Do you sing out loud?Do you dance around?Do you walk around naked?Do you go to the bathroom with the door open?What can you think of?
IF you can perform a 360 with the lock cylinder, its junk, will need to order a new one, two weeks to get, has to be red ordered from the germany, cost about $150 dealer only part, key cylinder will match your keys, about 20 mins to r and r.
I was just wondering if you can feel a major difference between the two when riding, if theyre both 2 strokes.
I had this problem on a car from 1995. I did not want to buy two door locks and a trunk lock set from the dealer. This new set was expensive and came with yet another new key. It was a lot of work, but I removed BOTH locks and switched them to the opposite door. I put them into their new place UPSIDE DOWN. Now, the driver's side works perfectly, the passenger door is the problem, and the key twists the opposite direction to unlock the door. AND the same key still fits everything.. trunk, ignition, etc. This is the two hour work- zero dollars fix job.