Wooden Interior Composite Doors for Decoration

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2000 m²
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200000 m²/month

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Most Widely used Office & Hotel Composite Doors   



Door skin Surface finish

Solid Wood veneer, Painting, and designs are available


Design according your culture style and taste

Door skin

Wood Structure

solid fir skeleton inside, MDF boards in both sides


white color

chinese ash,Catalpa wood

walnut,cherry,sapeli,birch,teak,bubinga,Ebony,zebra wood


CE certificate


standard size 2100mm *800mm *40mm or customized


lock,handle,hinge (the price not include)


plastic film inside, and packed in cardboard

Minimum Order

50 Sets

Payment Terms

L/C, T/T


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Q:Why do star hotels use revolving doors?
Star hotel, of course, something to meet his identity. As for now, the automatic doors of the grade has not met the requirements of star hotels, but also no revolving door look good. Now the star hotel are basically automatic revolving door, a trip door 10-40 million, more in line with the hotel's grade.
Q:What would make the automatic doors on a 1999 chev venture lock and unlock as you are driving along?
More than likely it is a wire that has rubbed on something and the insulation is damaged causing a short, and activating the locks. The most probable location of the problem is the connection from the drivers door the car body. The wiring for the windows and locks is routed through a rubber conduit between the door and body. It could be any of the doors but the drivers door gets the most use, so that's a good shot. Good luck! ps. No fire hazard. The fuse will blow first.
Q:automatic sliding door?
Automatic sliding doors on your house? Office building, Freightliner or International truck? But probably with a Mopar mini van, which you expect when purchasing one with automatic doors.
Q:My world life automatic automatic door how to do
In front of the door pressure plate began to step on the door opened
Q:Automatic doors should be checked for daily use
Automatic maintenance of the automatic door is to check whether the normal opening, closing, sensing area, the threshold is normal, there is no accumulation of waste and so on. Specific check items are as follows: First check the sensor area is normal, the sensing area should be greater than the door, that is, in the door of the two diagonally diagonally into the door when the body can be sensed the existence of objects or objects. And then the length of the normal opening of the door and the length of the closing time. Observe whether the normal opening and closing, opening and closing whether there is noise and so on. If the door fitted with infrared anti-clip device, you need to check the anti-clip device is normal, like a lot of elevator doors above the anti-folder device. Check the time is best to use objects rather than the body directly to check. Check the threshold whether there is scratches, automatic doors can not have too much near the dust, waste and the like. Timely check and clean, to avoid the door in the run of blocked, and run is not smooth.
Q:automatic door lock problem with 1999 Ford Explorer?
Ford Door Lock Actuator
Q:spilled coke on automatic door locks, now they stick. HELP?
if you mean the electrical lock button then simpily spray with electrical contact cleaning solution realy good and work the buttons untill they dont stick anymore but make sure u put tape around the cloth of the door if any so not to mess it up if u know what i mean
Q:How the hotel's automatic doors are automatically opened and closed
Infrared detection, people come after the infrared detection, open the door, people left, the delay closed
Q:Automatic door remote control The composition of the automatic door remote control system
Commonly used automatic door remote control system is generally divided into two parts.
Q:Automatic door how to tune, into a half open, single open
If you need to adjust the words, is the need to pay the money

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