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1. CE certificate

Test Standards:

MD:   EN12445:2001       EN12453:2001    EN13241-1:2003

EMC:  EN55014-1:2006     EN55014-2:1997+A1:2001+A2:2008  EN61000-3-2:2006   EN61000-3-3:2008

LVD: EN60335-1:2002+A11:2004+A1:2004+A12:2006+A2:2006+A13:2008

CE reference no: WT09124195R1-E-D-O



2. Multi-language LED (optional).

3. Major material: 50*40*1.0

Auxiliary material: 55*27*1.0

Width: 765mm

4. Power: 300W/400W/500W;  220V/110V ; 60HZ/50HZ

5. Surrounding temperature: -40~80

6. Moving speed: 15m/min

7. Material: High strength aluminum alloy

8. Color available

9. Type of guiding track:  trackless, single track

10. The drive mechanism is used Intelligent AC Head Unit, intelligent digital navigation technology, trackless and automatic skew correction (optional)

11. The unique infrared collision avoidance system ensures safety of passengers and vehicles

12. Wind-resistant device enable the electric gate to operate in strong winds

13. The running wheels show no apparent wear and tear after a 300,000 time swing test over a 10m distance.  Sand or pebbles in rainy or stormy weather do not affect the normal operation of the electric gate.

14. Increasing safety and reliability of system operation through whole-digit circuit control

15. Elegant key-type clutch can easily change to manual mode during a power outage by insert a special key into the hole of the clutch and turning it at 90 degree.

16 The alarm function works while someone climb the gate (optional)

17. Electronic soft starter and mechanical buffer device ensures smooth run.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:MDF box and angle steel frames
Delivery Detail:

15 days after the balance


The technical parameter of CMAX extension door motor:

Light style motors Characteristics:

1. Beautiful appearance, big startup power, easy operation, steady operation, easy installation and maintenance.

2. Working under low voltage (normally, 220V), the output power is more than 50% when voltage is 180V.

3. The temperature protector is set inside the motor (when the temperature exceeds the high point and the protector will stop the motor working automatically to protect the machine).

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Q:London taxi safety - automatic door-locking?
You can always walk, get the tube, cycle, drive or get a bus
Q:What causes automatic garage doors to open by themselves?
It's possible that someone else in your neighborhood has a garage door with the same or similar wireless code. See if your model allows for the remote and receiver to be re-coded. To check if this is correct, drive or walk the block and try your remote in front of other homes. If it works, you may want to warn that person and see if he or she can change their remote code if yours can't. They may be wondering why their garage opens now and again as well! It's also possible that the switch on your wall is sticking intermittently and therefor is not releasing completely after it is depressed (and I don't mean sad). Try pressing it repeatedly to determine if it feels like it is returning smoothly. If it feels sticky at all make sure there are no obstructions around the edge of the button (dirt and grease buildup). If it looks clean, but still feels like it sticks a bit, try a little silicone spray (NOT oil or WD40 etc.) around the edge of the button to get it to move freely. Also, follow the wire from your wall mounted switch or any other switch that is attached to the opener. If you observe any breaks or kinks in those thin wires, you may find your intermittent problem there. If the switches are normally closed and the circuit is interrupted, it thinks the button is being pushed. If there is enough slack in the wire, simply cut and splice the wire and re-insulate it to re-establish the connection. Be sure to match the polarity which should be marked with a color or stripe on the insulation or possibly one silver and one gold tone wire inside the insulation. Hope this helps.
Q:Estimated cost of installing automatic garage door?
Check out lowes for what kind of garage door/what size/design. I'd say about 1k if you want someone else to do it
Q:What keeps a automatic door opener closed?
they are held by motor that has been locked kinda,what happens is when the door gets to the end of the cycle that is programed into it,the motor stops in a locked position until the door opener is hit again then it runs through its cycle again,only in the oposite position
Q:automatic door lock problem with 1999 Ford Explorer?
Fix it yourself. Take the door panel off and locate the lock actuator. Looks like a cylinder with a rubber cap on a hook. It's connected to the lock rod so follow the rod off the lock down to the actuator. Now, unplug the actuator it should be easy to get to if the window is rolled up. Borrow a multimeter and have someone push the lock button up and down to see if you are getting power. If you are getting power go buy a new lock actuator. If you are not getting power you may have a damaged wire then it will be up to you if you get it repaired at the shop. Leave the door panel off if you take it in for repair to make it easier. You didn't say if the lock ever worked at all. There could be a problem so ask the seller what happened.
Q:The automatic door controller does not have a display speed
There are several holes in the controller panel, there are cross in the hole, adjustable
Q:Electric door is not in place, there are 2 cm how to do
Please look at the professional staff to avoid the future impact of bad
Q:2000 Grand Am Se: Unable to Use Automatic Door Locks?
.The clicking you hear is the relay snapping shut. That really narrows the problem down. At least with that you know the remote, the receiver, and the coil feed is working. You need to get to the relay and see if it is getting power on the hot side (not the coil). If so then see if it is making contact to send the power to the locks. Then you'll have to just trace it to the doors. I seriously doubt both of the solenoids (part that locks and unlocks the door) went bad at the same time.
Q:Home appliance door price range is generally how much?
Home improvement electric door, then choose Tai'an double-hing automatic door price economy and affordable
Q:Side automatic door was forced open while in drive and now it won't come un- locked, How do I get it un-locked
It's jammed, try pushing the door from the outside towards the close position even further, then while holding it in that position try putting it into neutral and open the door while releasing it from the outside at the same time. If no click click is heard, then it must have to go the the dealer.

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