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When people are cutting trees down or cutting firewood they never wear any safety gear?I would think people would wear the following; helmet, chainsaw gloves, chainsaw pants, chaps and chainsaw shirts I currently use a Stihl 066, Stihl 361 Quickstop and a Jonsered 450. I know how to use a chainsaw. However, you see all types of people not wear protective clothing (Professional Homeowners.) What are some of the reasons?
The velocity required to reach 32 meter height is v^2 2 g h 2 (9.8 m/sec^2) (32 m) thus v 25.0 m/sec. The rate of flow of mass is therefore (25.0 m/sec) Pi (0.02 m)^2 (1000 kg/m^3) 31.4 kg/sec The power required is therefore (31.4 kg/sec) (32 m) (9.8 m/sec^2) 9847 (kg m^2/sec^2)/sec 9847 J/sec 9847 Watts Note that we could have calculated power differently. Force is change in momentum, so the force acting on the hose is: (31.4 kg/sec)(25 m/sec) 75 kg m/sec^2 785 Newtons Every second that force operates over a distance of 25 meters, so the power is (25 m/sec) (785 N) 19625 Nm/sec 19625 Watts Hmmmmm which is double the above result. Perhaps the asker or someone else can spot the error in one approach versus the other.
if the shield REALLY wanted to make an impact to cena, sheamus, and ryback, they would've decimated all SEVEN of them, not just two guys who were tired after having a match in a 3 on 2 assault.if the shield attacked and left in a heap all SEVEN of them(brodus clay, tensai, both of those two women, jinder mahal, drew mcintrye, and heath slater), THEN the shield would've made one hell of an impact and then their words to cena, sheamus, and ryback REALLY would've meant something.besides, female wrestlers should be ok with agreeing to occasionally taking a bump in the ring in they're going to be in the wwe, even if it means them getting attacked by a trio of heel wrestlers known as the shield.
Yes, most cops are crooked and most cops think they are above the law. It's one thing for you and another for them. This is why cops suck.
what type of clothes do I need to wear to go deer hunting?
Conservation of Momentum. There is zero momentum in the system to start with, so there must be zero total at the end. With water shooting out the front of the hose in the positive direction, the hose must fly backwards in the negative direction to add up to zero momentum. This is the same reason that in shooting a bullet out of a gun you effectively shoot yourself as well (this is known as recoil and it tends to surprise first-time gun shooters who have watched too many unrealistic gun movies).
The funniest thing just happened! A few minutes after I hung up with the video store, my cat pouned on the speaker phone, tuned it on and hit re-dial. It was soo funny and embarassing. I had to explain to the clerk that my cat dialed her number. Has your cat ever done this?
Our fire department will do it for a donation but the water we get is lake water because they fill the trucks from a resevoir. Make sure you ask about that or you might be freaked out by the brackish water with branches in it that works for fighting fires but it not much fun for siwmming until it clears up! You could put the garden hose in the pool, that's how we do ours. It takes a day or two but it's free (we have a well) and it's clean. Good luck!
I just bought an Easton S7 helmet. My ITECH shield (full face) is too wide for the j-clips. It almost seems like the helmet is too narrow. Any solutions?
There are 2 types of fire (smoke) alarms: battery powered and household current powered. Yours must be the latter type and is not difficult to change but that should be your landlord's responsibility plus you need to shut off all power to the house before trying to replace the smoke alarm unless you want to get shocked!
I have two systems and i have connect one system to second one the message is The local policy of this system does not permit you to logon interatively. So Please suggest me how to do the remot access problem solve
This Site Might Help You. RE: How to access database through web interface? How to access database through web interface? I have a software called Sphere Facility which its database is .mdb format. Means database can also be modified in Microsoft Access as well. The software provides a Web Interface called Online Viewer to access the database
I'm 13 and I'll be going to camp on Monday. I'm so excited. I have never gone to camp before but my best friend is going and I'm looking forward to a new experience. I want to bring a scrapbook I've been making of baby pictures of me. Would it be weird if I brought it? It has some pictures of my parents in it, looking at their 90's hair always puts a smile on my face (lol) plus I won't get homesick. But yeah, would that be considered weird if I brought it? Also, would bringing a stuffed animal be considered weird? I have a stuffed dachshund and it helps me fall asleep having him on my pillow. But I don't know, it might be considered babyish or something.Thanks! )
when does water reach building? In the horizontal direction: x (vcos22) t t x/(vcos22) how high does the water travel during this time? In the vertical direction: y vsin22 t - ?gt?
and where (abouts) so you live
I love this show! They make the dummies look so real. So yeah, stay away. He goes around killing people and chops them into pieces; scary I'd say. I haven't it in a while but I do remember when Dexter killed a few people and he cut them in pieces and put them in plastic bags and dumped them in the ocean. I recommend Bones. Though, they do show nasty dead bodies, not for too long though.