White Pvc Fire Hose, Fire Hose Pipe,Fire Fighting Hose

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10000000 kg/month

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Product Description:

Fire Hose

1)PVC/ Rubber/ PU Lining  

2)The jacket of fire hose is wove by high intensity of polyester filament or polyester short-fiber( twill/plain weave)

3)There are special adhesive ( solid or liquid)between the jacket and the hose. the hose is soft and highly polished,reduce the flow resistance

4) Thinner and more soft, lighter and more convenient to use. 
5) High pressure resistance, low temperature resistance, anti-corrosion. aging resistance.wear-resisting
6) We can provide different color lining: blue, black, transparent, etc or according to your requirement

7) We can provide length: 10m - 40m or according to your requirement


Technical Parameters:



Working Pressure


Testing Pressure


Bursting Pressure




1           25





















1-1/2     40

2           50

2-1/2      65

3           80

3-1/2      90

4           100  

4-1/2     115

5           125

5-1/2     140

6          150

White Pvc Fire Hose, Fire Hose Pipe,Fire Fighting Hose


Q : Are you a factory or trading company ? 
A: We are a factory , can offer best quality product and reasonable price for you.

Q: Can you accept sample order?
A: Yes, we accept samples with little and reasonable charge.

Q: What is your MOQ?
A: Normally,50Meter per color.

Q:What is your delivery time?Can we short it in 7 days or less?
A: 3 days for sample, 3-25 days for mass production(depend quantity).

Q: What is your payment terms?
A: T/T,Western Union paypal 

Q: How can I get my order?
A: We will send you the goods by UPS, DHL, Fedex, Oversea Shipment or other forwarder, all with tracking number.

Q:How about your quality?
A: All of our products have obtained the UL and SGS certificates ,Try a small order, you will have your judgements!

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Q:What is the difference between dry fire extinguisher and fire hose?
Fire hose is hose used for water supply at fire site. Often used in conjunction with fire hydrants or fire engines.
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Q:How many meters long with a standard fire?
Fire hose is used to transport high pressure water or foam and other flame retardant liquid hose. The traditional fire hose is lined with rubber and the outer bread is covered with linen.

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