Fire Hose / PVC / EPDM/PU Lining Fire Hose/flexible pvc fire hose

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3000000 m/month
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Product Description:


high quality with the faverable price, can resistant to the high pressure and corrosion, abrasion, anti-aging, can keep the soft

longtitude: polyester flament yarn,

latitude: polyester flament yarn
lining: pvc/tpu  


meterial:pvc, pu

lengh:15-30 meters

working pressure:8-10 bar


Inner tube diameter


Working pressure

Burst pressure
































 Can resistantant to the high pressure, corrosion, abrasion, anti-aging.

High quality and faverable price.

In the low temperature also can keep the flexibility

Fire Hose / PVC / EPDM/PU Lining Fire Hose/flexible pvc fire hose 


1.Do you have QC teams?
 Yeah, sure, our QC team is very important, they will keep the quality control for our products.
2. What is your packaging of robot fire hose?

It's according to client's  requests.we can also accept OEM.



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Q:What safety equipment do you need when dissolving HCl a strong acid by adding water?
Go to home depot and get a double male hose nipple and hose clamps. Cut out bad parts of hose and splice together. Also think about buying an ABC fire extingrisure. As your lucky to not start an electrical fire dumb *** lol.
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Typical better idea from Ford. You should be able to buy a PVC tee from an auto parts store and reuse those hoses with some clamps. I see where the hose to the firewall is just a short piece. I'd replace that if you use the PVC tee. That way, there won't be a short hose problem. Be VERY careful with that metal tube going to the firewall. It attaches to the heater core, and you don't want to damage the connection. Remove that clamp and cut the hose lengthwise with a razor blade to peel it off. That way, you don't have to yank on it. The new hose should be pliable enough to slide right on. It's the hose that runs from the pump to the firewall and engine. No real name for it. An auto parts store may have that, but it also could be a dealer only item.
Q:is there a chance it might catch on fire? And to what degree of heat would the heater have to be (let's say it's a real powerful industrial size heater). I find it ridiculous that a jacket hung over night in front of a heater can catch on firebut the safety inspector at work threatened to write me up for violating safety hazard. I know it's not the safest thing to do, but realistically, could this happen?
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Q:If you got fired from a retail job and then you apply for positions, what would you put in the box of the application where it saysReason for leaving? Or when the interviewer asks you if you have ever been discharged from a previous job? I worked at a Clothing store in Houston Texas for 4 years and whenever my friends and family came to buy things, I would give them higher discount rates than normal. When my manager found out, he fired me on the spot. What should I do for other positions? Should I hide the fact that I got fired or should I tell them the truth. Please HELP!!
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Q:Whenever you're listening to a song from a certain album, the atmosphere the album cover gives off to you, is that the same atmosphere the *song* gives off to you?MQ: Favorite song about rain?
It's like when a rocket moves, what makes the rocket to go forward? the stream of mass exploding from it's behind pushes it forward. The law of conservation of linear momentum states that the total momentum of a closed system of objects (which has no interactions with external agents) is constant. So if the fuel is emitted out of an spaceship the spaceship gains momentum in the opposite direction. It's the same thing with the fireman, just instead of spaceship it's a hose and instead of fuel it's water! :D Have a nice day ;)
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There always are two hoses the one to infront of the radatior is the high pressure side High side for short and the larger diameter hose that gos to the connection near the fire wall across to the evaporator that hose is called the low side hose. Both have flexable rubber parts and metal piping. Be sure you put back the metal brackets. Other wise the vibration will break the new hose at the compressor. Also keep the distributor wires from rubbing on the low side .
Q:No one will beleive me. I am asking the favor of your guidance to assist me in the correct action in overcoming this criris.
i think you need to ber at least 16 to volunteer to be a firefighter and as long as you show up at the fires there will always be something to do whether it be fighting the fire itself, untangling hoses or if it is in the middle of the night getting coffee for the guys any help is usually welcomed in a volunteer company.
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Q:I need to replace my door open and lock mechanism on my 07charger rt. i need the part and the understanding?
I don't think that they are going to lend you a hose. There are liability issues involved. If you want to drag hoses around do it at your fire explorer meetings.
Q:A fire hose delivers 300 liters of water per minute. Express this in cubic meters per second.?
They won't shut themselves off. It has to be manually done unless you feel like waiting for the batteries to run out. Are you talking about your own personal alarms or are you in an apartment building or office? You might need to let someone know that they need to be turned off. If you are actually talking about smoke alarms they will go off as soon as the smoke clears out.

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