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Product Description:

alarm bell
1.Have CE certificate
2.can be customized in diffient volt and color
3professional in this field for 17years

warning bell
1) We have electric fire bells in a series of different specifications

2)  Voice in the form of vibrato

3)with intermittent. Resistance to work long hours, no electromagnetic interference. Electrical service life

4)can be based on customer requirements, customized products with different voltage
5) Welcome to E-mail us for further information


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Q:Is there any hidden danger of fire hydrant?
(1) the disposition and establishment of fire control facilities, equipment or fire safety signs do not conform to the state standards or industry standards, or have not been kept in good condition and effective;From the management point of view, I do not know the fire facilities are bad, or know that the bad, not repaired, indicating that there is a problem managementSo this is definitely hidden trouble
Q:fire wagon' (lol idk what it's called). Did they protect the horses with any kind of protection(like blankets?) from the heat,ashes, and smoke?
They make diaper pins with a cover that slides over the part that closes which are pretty hard to undo. Other than those, it is pretty risky. Try putting her clothes on backwards.
Q:Do anyone know why my smoke detector goes off and yet there is no smoke nor fire in the house?
My ex husband (of 12 years) used to get pissed at me and throw me a pillow when I was in the living roomAnd of coarse I'd have to yell stupid stuff like that's ok I like sleeping on the couch anywaybut I really didn't. I was always raised to never go to bed mad at each other but that's pretty old school in todays times so I think I might be the only one left!
Q:can you drink water from a fire hydrant?
Myth has it that the Chicago Fire was started by Mrs. O'Leary's cow when the cow accidentally kicked over a latern in Mrs. O'Leary's barn. (Makes ya wonder-what else was happening in Mrs. O'Leary's barn?) lol
Q:what do i do when i am in a relationship and i have a new friend that i really like bt he has a gurl friend?
Sounds like the mains has failed (if it is a mains fed battery back up) or the alarm may just have broken .You can try using a vacuum to clean the alarm as it may just be dusty inside if not then replace it
Q:What is the specific area of fire hydrant installation?
The installation of indoor fire hydrants only requires the installation spacing and has no protection area. According to the regulations, the spacing of indoor fire hydrants of high-rise buildings (warehouses), high-rise civil buildings, elevated warehouses and armour and class B buildings shall not be greater than 30 meters;
Q:What pre-cautions do you take? Are you aware of all the hazards?
If you park in front of one you get slapped by the entire Buckeye Nation! And reasonably so.It's against the law everywhere.You probably get towed and pay heavy fine.
Q:I want to make a memorial in his honor, something classy
check with atty in your area 2 years is probably the statute of limitations, .so that's why you're getting the demand letter now. They must PROVE you caused the accident. They need an accident reconstruction expert to say conclusively that it was your negligence that caused the fire. If it was the hot water heater, there are several problems FOR THE LANDLORD: -what was an exposed heat source doing in a closet? -what maintenance did they perform on the hot water heater? -why didn't the landlord have an extinguisher (is that what you meant? instead of hydrant?) Your statements to the fire department don't establish anything. That's like telling the police that you sometimes drink a beer does NOTHING to prove that you were DUI on any given night. ESPECIALLY if you can say you DID NOT see your son playing with matches at the time of the incident.
Q:SN fire hydrant, what does SN mean?
Fire hydrant model, SN65 means single valve, single outlet, and 65 caliber, so there's only one 65 here.
Q:Does fire water come from sprinkler or hydrant?
The source of fire blisters comes from fire hydrants.This is to prevent the pressure of the spray pump is insufficient, can not effectively extinguish the fire,

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