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alarm bell
1.Have CE certificate
2.can be customized in diffient volt and color
3professional in this field for 17years

warning bell
1) We have electric fire bells in a series of different specifications

2)  Voice in the form of vibrato

3)with intermittent. Resistance to work long hours, no electromagnetic interference. Electrical service life

4)can be based on customer requirements, customized products with different voltage
5) Welcome to E-mail us for further information


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Q:Rent a shop and make a restaurant. But must the fire hydrant be in the passage? Can you put it in the box?
When you decorate, you can consider the fire hydrant box embedded in the wall, it does not affect the appearance.
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Q:What are the three outdoor fire hydrants for?
The outdoor fire hydrant is set at the outside of the building fire water supply pipe network of water supply facilities, mainly for fire engines from the municipal water supply pipe network or outdoor fire water supply network implementation of fire water, can also be directly connected with a hose and a water gun fire water, fire fighting is one of the important fire control facilities.
Q:Must Internet cafes install fire hydrants? How should they be installed? Who will be installed?
General indoor fire hydrant is not built, mainly with the number of storeys and the volume of the building, usually 5 or more cubic meters, more than 10000 sets of fire hydrants. In addition, according to the space use function, also has the detailed request. If it is a residential project, fire hydrant is set up every 500 square meters. If it is a factory building, 800 square meters will be equipped with a fire hydrant, and fire extinguishers will be placed within the range of 40~50 square meters.Install the fire hydrant can not install their own all unified installation by the local fire department, the installation process, need to calculate the channel width, their location, the size of the fire hydrant, and Internet cafes in the water process system and professional personnel to install
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Q:What is the diameter of the temporary fire hydrant in the construction area?
The construction area is divided into indoor and outdoor temporary fire hydrant, and the diameter of pipe is below:The diameter of fire hydrant in construction area is 100mm, and the outlet is 65mm;

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