fire alarm round

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alarm bell
1.Have CE certificate
2.can be customized in diffient volt and color
3professional in this field for 17years

warning bell
1) We have electric fire bells in a series of different specifications

2)  Voice in the form of vibrato

3)with intermittent. Resistance to work long hours, no electromagnetic interference. Electrical service life

4)can be based on customer requirements, customized products with different voltage
5) Welcome to E-mail us for further information


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Q:What are the requirements for setting up fire hydrants in high-rise buildings?
The fire hydrant spacing should be calculated, and the high-rise building should be no more than 30m, the podium should not be greater than 50m.
Q:What's the exact size of the hydrant?
Size 1600*750*240, the box includes an indoor fire hydrant, a fire waterproof belt, a plate, pump button, a kgABC dry powder, fire three; iron plate thickness of 1.2mm;
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When water can no longer be squeezed, it produces a sharp surge of pressure. In this case, assuming that more than 50bar, the upper part of the hydrant continues to exhibit allowable operating pressure. As a result, the operation pressure is increased when the hydrant is operated. If the operator closes the fire hydrant with excessive force, the nut of the drive rod will be damaged, resulting in deformation or even damage to the taper fastener of the valve body. Normally, the damage of fire hydrants will not be noticed at first, but such damage will affect the use of the whole hydrant when the fire hydrant is used again.

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