• Four-sided breathable crimped helmet System 1
  • Four-sided breathable crimped helmet System 2
Four-sided breathable crimped helmet

Four-sided breathable crimped helmet

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 FX-08 four-sided breathable (crimping) helmet: imported ABS material, increased crimping rain gutter structure, colorful, impact resistance, high pressure resistance, puncture resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-smashing + insulation + button design + four Dot fabric lining, lined with sweat-absorbent strip design, size: 28cm in length, 22.5cm in width, 14.5cm in height, about 390g in weight, pasted on the back of the cap, certificate of conformity (the certificate of conformity needs to be stamped with the production date and inspection stamp) Packing method: factory conventional method, qualified certificate provided by Kunjie (Note: five colors of helmets are available, red, blue, yellow, white, orange, etc.)

Four-sided breathable crimped helmet

Four-sided breathable crimped helmet

Four-sided breathable crimped helmet

Four-sided breathable crimped helmet

Four-sided breathable crimped helmet

Four-sided breathable crimped helmet

Four-sided breathable crimped helmet

Q:Does our product support customization?
A:Our products can support customization, but there are requirements for the quantity, you can contact us for details.

Q:When you call or send a quotation request, what information do you need to provide?
A:Your needs for the product, and what you want to know in detail.

Q:What are the colors of the safety helmet in the construction industry?
The mine is made of safety helmet, which is made of antistatic and flame retardant material. The general staff wear black and lead red. Coal mine safety helmets are definitely not allowed to be black, but use eye-catching colors, such as red or orange, to see where people are.
Q:Is the helmet a light weight?. Look at our flat helmets, not like migrant workers! I don't know. What's the difference between buying a bike helmet?
The bike helmet and the helmet are of different use;
Q:What are the two holes in the safety helmet?
The function of ventilationIf you don't have ventilation, you'll be sweaty if you wear a safety helmet for too long,It's uncomfortable, so leave 2 small holes for ventilationSo don't care too much about himThe protective effect is still there.
Q:The meaning of wearing a white helmet on the construction site
Red helmet: usually technical personnel, management or Party A. The crowd with red helmets is relatively complicated, but generally can be divided into two categories: technical personnel and middle and lower managers.
Q:Use the helmet before you check those parts
Is the cap liner complete and the structure of the hat lining in a normal state?
Q:What is the color and identity of a safety helmet on a construction team?
The safety helmets on the site have strict grades: the texture of the helmet of the general manager will be much better than the average worker's quality. And there's a lot to say about the difference in color.
Q:What color does the helmet color represent?
Construction site: white is supervision, red helmet is generally technical personnel, management personnel. Red helmets are relatively complex, but can be divided into two broad categories: technical personnel and low and middle level managers. Blue helmets are usually technical personnel. The red safety helmet and the blue safety helmet are different according to the enterprise. In short, most of them are worn by the technicians. Yellow helmets are common workers, so far, ordinary workers in our construction sites are wearing yellow helmets.
Q:How about printing a rounded, ink free LOGO on a safety helmet?
Helmets are usually made of water, stickers, or water. It depends on your requirements and patterns. Water transfer equipment takes about a few million yuan, including: fuel Lian, oven, transfer tank etc..
Q:Why is the helmet made of plastic?
Plastic is a synthetic organic substance, which can be designed according to practical applications;
Q:Where can I buy a safety helmet?
There are a variety of safety helmet materials, the most common is the plastic material, followed by rattan helmet, bamboo hat and steel helmet. And plastic materials can be subdivided into PE, PP, ABS three, and ABS material helmet Market usage is the largest. The general site, engineering construction, tunnel operations use plastic safety helmet; and outdoor sports, such as gardening, aviation, food industry etc. generally used in portable rattan or bamboo material safety cap. Steel helmet weight first to the first three heavy, as far as possible not recommended.

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