Four-sided breathable crimped helmet

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 FX-08 four-sided breathable (crimping) helmet: imported ABS material, increased crimping rain gutter structure, colorful, impact resistance, high pressure resistance, puncture resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-smashing + insulation + button design + four Dot fabric lining, lined with sweat-absorbent strip design, size: 28cm in length, 22.5cm in width, 14.5cm in height, about 390g in weight, pasted on the back of the cap, certificate of conformity (the certificate of conformity needs to be stamped with the production date and inspection stamp) Packing method: factory conventional method, qualified certificate provided by Kunjie (Note: five colors of helmets are available, red, blue, yellow, white, orange, etc.)

Four-sided breathable crimped helmet

Four-sided breathable crimped helmet

Four-sided breathable crimped helmet

Four-sided breathable crimped helmet

Four-sided breathable crimped helmet

Four-sided breathable crimped helmet

Four-sided breathable crimped helmet

Q:Does our product support customization?
A:Our products can support customization, but there are requirements for the quantity, you can contact us for details.

Q:When you call or send a quotation request, what information do you need to provide?
A:Your needs for the product, and what you want to know in detail.

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Q:How do you use a screen print or a picture on a safety helmet?
Need to use pad printing machine to print, with silk screen to make, process is too complex
Q:What is the color and identity of a safety helmet on a construction team?
In general, general project manager will wear red, very smooth texture safety helmet. The technician will wear a red hat; the safety officer is white; the electrician is wearing blue; the other type of work is red. There are different systems in different places
Q:Where do you have to wear a safety helmet?
When the workers head by the impact of falling objects, the use of safety helmet shell and a cap lining in an instant first impact force decomposition to the entire area of the skull, the most impact absorption structure and destruction of different sites of the safety helmet cushion structure elastic deformation, plastic deformation and allowed, to make the final effect the impact of staff head lower than 4900N, so as to protect the workers head role. The cap material of the helmet plays an important role in the overall performance of the helmet.
Q:How many safety caps can an injection machine produce in a day?
Injection molding machine performance and matching. For two days, the product will be broken on the injection molding machine is also a lot, the daily output will have an impact
Q:What are the useful life of electric power helmets and what tests should be done?
According to the size of the user's head, adjust the length of the cap hoop to its proper position (tightness). Steeplejacks wear safety helmet, with chin strap and neck hoop and should be fast, to prevent slipping and took off his hat.
Q:What does the color of the helmet look like on the construction site?
I don't know much about clothes collocation, but I'm very good at buying clothes. I used to like shopping very much, and now I hate shopping. Because the price of the clothes on the street is BS, the bosses are too dark. An online the same clothes prices cheaper than 50, you do not go to the street down a piece of clothing item or style and then go to Taobao search or help cat is much cheaper, absolutely! So I suggest to the landlord for clothes or online shopping.
Q:What color is the safety helmet for the management?
Red helmets are usually technical, management or Party A. The crowd with red helmets is relatively complicated, but generally can be divided into two categories: technical personnel and middle and lower managers.
Q:Construction site safety cap who is wearing red?
Red helmets on the construction site are generally worn by management, technical personnel or party a personnel.
Q:How to identify the life of the safety helmet and seat belt?
The validity period of the safety helmet is different according to the materials used in the manufacture, and the validity period is different. The validity period is calculated from the date of completion of the manufacture. ?Woven sticks of plant sticks, no more than two years. Plastic cap, plastic cap paper not more than two and a half years. Glass steel (vinylon steel) rubber cap is more than three and a half years. 1.2 safety helmet storageHelmets should not be stored in acid, alkali, high temperature, sun, damp and other places, but not with hard objects together
Q:Why should you wear your helmet when you wear a safety helmet?
When an object falls on the top of the head, a helmet, a cap and a cap are used to break the impact force to the entire area of the skull in an instant, so as to protect the head from being injured. If the safety helmet is not fastened, it will not protect us.

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