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Safety Caps Best Price Abs Plastic Helmet Hat Insert Industrial

Safety Caps Best Price Abs Plastic Helmet Hat Insert Industrial

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30000 pc/month

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Structure of Safety Caps Best Price Abs Plastic Helmet Hat Insert Industrial  Description:

Safety products is a name of all the productions which can protect people during there lives; we have several kinds of safety products, such as: gloves, glasses, vest, mask, shoes, kneecap, and so on;

Our company has established extensive cooperation relationship with over 200 countries in the fields of safety equipment by making full use of its absolute superiority in both abundant source and solid technologies support. We sincerely welcome partners around the world to establish business cooperation with us on the basis of mutual trust, benefit and development.

Main Features of the Safety Caps Best Price Abs Plastic Helmet Hat Insert Industrial :

1.breathable,can wear long time comfortable 
2.soft,comfortable,light,latex free, no stimulus to skin
3.various colors and sizes are available for different request

4. SMS (Spun bond + Melt blown +Spun bond nonwovens), PP, PP +PE, Micro porous, spun lace,


Images of the Safety Caps Best Price Abs Plastic Helmet Hat Insert Industrial :

Safety Caps Best Price Abs Plastic Helmet Hat Insert Industrial

Safety Caps Best Price Abs Plastic Helmet Hat Insert Industrial


Safety Caps Best Price Abs Plastic Helmet Hat Insert Industrial  Specification:


PP/SMS/SF/PP+PE coated






with hood/collar,with/without boots,front zipper,zipper     cover flap 


white,blue,green,red,yellow ect

normal packing:

1 piece/polybag * 50pcs/carton


1000 pcs


breathable,comfortable,soft,invironmental,non-irritant,soft,anti     dust 

production capacity


delivery time

20-30days after receiving deposit


Lingyang/ OEM


hospital,medical/food/electronic/chemical/beauty     industry,household


ISO9001:2008, ISO13485, CE, FDA






a.What is monthly capacity

---CNBM is one stated own company and our monthly capacity is about  2000tons.

b. Now which countries do you export your goods?

---Now we export to  South East Asia,Africa, North America,South America  ect.


Q:What's the meaning of the helmet color?
Electricians wear blue; other jobs are red. Different places have different provisions of the unit system may have different general red: Blue command: mechanical operation, special operations personnel, management personnel and other yellow white color: ordinary workers and the country's electric system safety helmet colors according to the visual recognition system (VI) provides: White: Leadership: management of yellow blue red: construction workers: migrant workers according to the working environment is different, the color of the helmet is also different, such as in the explosive workplace work should be wearing a red helmet. Some units are using the red and yellow two different colors of the helmet to distinguish the management and operation layer.
Q:What are the safety and protective equipment for building construction?
Construction safety protection products (out) refers to the safety net, wire rope, tool fence, fire fighting equipment, temporary power distribution box, air circuit breaker, isolating switch, AC contactor, leakage protection, standard cable and other labor protection supplies.
Q:What's the material of the safety helmet?
HDPE plastic is High Density Polyethylene. This material has high surface hardness, good heat resistance, electrical insulation and dimensional stability. It is widely used in safety helmet production. But the compressive strength of the material, if the shell internal structure and the thickness of the product design is not improved, often lateral pressure test is not qualified, so this material safety cap must strengthen the anti pressure design, or in Europe, Australia, Japan and Chinese standard is difficult to get through. As the North American Standard has no side pressure, HDPE helmets are widely used in the Americas, while in Japan, South Korea and other countries, HDPE helmets are not produced.
Q:What are the basics of a safety helmet? Be more specific!
A helmet is a head protector against head collisions during object strike and fall.English Name: safety helmetA shallow hat made of steel or similar material worn by miners and underground engineers to protect the top of the head.A lightweight protective helmet worn by workers in an industrial environment and usually made of metal or reinforced plastic.A hat worn by workers in construction or mining. An object that protects the head from falling. Usually made of wicker, rattan core or plastic.
Q:What brand is a safety helmet?
1, Mei Sian (MSA) J Bodry Ann (2, 3, 4, Begonia Bacou) North (North) 5, Dyer tower (Deltaplus) 6, Lei Kelan (Lakeland), more than 7 (JSP) 8, Swiss public safety cap (RZ). There are many safety helmet brands. Under normal circumstances, you can contact the local labor protection products sales agent to ask for samples
Q:What are the requirements for the use and inspection of safety helmets?
Before use should check the safety cap, whether the appearance of cracks, scratches and marks, uneven wear, cap lining structure is complete, the cap liner is in normal state, such as safety helmets have obvious defects affect the performance of the time scrapped, so as not to affect the protective effect.
Q:Do you need a safety helmet for the motorcycle driver?
If you do not wear a safety helmet, you will be fined 2 points and 100 yuan fine.
Q:What should I pay attention to before using the safety helmet and safety belt?
Protective equipment for personnel working at high places to prevent falling casualties. Pay attention to when using:1. Choose the safety belts that have been inspected by the relevant department and guarantee the validity of the service.2. Seat belts are strictly prohibited from tying and splicing.3, the use should be reliably hung in a strong place, hanging high, low, and to prevent swinging, to avoid open flames and barbed cutting.4, more than 2m of suspended work, you must use seat belts.5, where the seat belt can not be directly hung, safety belt rope, safety railing and so on should be provided
Q:How to buy a helmet
When choosing a helmet, you must choose a safety helmet that conforms to the national standard, has complete marks and has been inspected.Users should also check their recent inspection reports when purchasing helmet products. Recent inspection reports are provided by manufacturers.And according to different protection purposes choose different varieties, such as live working personnel, should choose T4 class electrical insulation performance test safety helmet, otherwise it can not reach the protection role.
Q:How to regulate the safety helmet? What should I pay attention to?
In the electric power construction site, the helmets worn by the workers are mainly intended to protect the head from injury. It protects the head from injury or reduces the extent of head injury in the following situations.(1) when flying or falling objects hit the head;(2) when the operator falls from above 2M and above;(3) when the head may be electrocuted;(4) walking or working on a low part of the body, when the head may hit something sharp or hard.

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